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Best Career and Money Stories Feb. 11 to 17, 2013

How to Replace Lost Tax Documents and Other Smart Tips of the Week

  • Freshen your garbage disposal: Admit it, it's time to freshen up your stinky garbage disposal. All you need is baking soda, lemon peel, salt, and dish soap.
  • Clean and cook with oranges: When you're done eating oranges, keep the peels for other uses. You can use it to add extra tartness to dishes or use it to disinfect your home or to make it smell better.
  • Hostels are fun: Hostels are a fun and cheap alternative to the hotel. They throw in a lot of activities that give you the opportunity to socialize with other lodgers.
  • Capital One 360 review: If you're an ING Direct customer, you know that it's now Capital One 360. The main difference that will affect consumers is that now the FDIC coverage treats your ING Direct/Capital One 360 balance as part of Capital One.
  • Grocery rewards cards: Get your money's worth when shopping at the supermarket by using the credit card that will get you the best rewards. The Target REDcard gives you five percent cash back.
  • Recovering lost tax documents: If you've lost some of your tax documents, don't fret. You can request another copy of some tax documents from your work, the IRS, or your bank.
  • Upgrade pharmacy flowers: Make pharmacy or grocery-store flowers look like an expensive arrangement by cutting the stems at different lengths and arranging the blooms so the contrasting colors are next to each other.

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  • Sweet honeymoon savings: You can save money on your honeymoon by choosing the right time to go and the lesser-known places. If you take a cruise, you can save even more because everything but the flight is included in the price.
  • Mount your cleaning supplies: Hang your cleaning supplies on a wall mount to save space in a small apartment.
  • Nontoxic mold killer: Stop with the bleach and clean grout the nontoxic way by making your own bathroom cleaner. It'll save you money and it's better for your health since there are less chemicals.
  • Recycle flowers: Instead of trashing your Valentine's Day flowers, turn them into something you can use, like potpourri or jewelry.
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