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Budget Tips
57 Cheap and Original DIY Couples Halloween Costumes
Budget Tips
101 Costumes to DIY on the Cheap
Budget Tips
40+ Easy Halloween Costumes For Lazy Partygoers

Best Career and Money Stories Sept. 8 to 13, 2013

Save Money by Making One of These 101 Costumes and Other Smart Tips!

  • Save money by making your own Halloween costume: This spooky holiday season, save money by making your own costume and skipping the costume store.
  • Check your bills for mistakes: Monitor your receipts, bills, and statements to see if there are any mistakes being made. Get into the habit of giving your receipts a quick once-over as soon as you receive them. This may save you money, and it'll definitely save you the time and effort of having to go back to the store or calling them to deduct the mistaken charges.
  • Remember that an endorsement also reflects upon you. Even if your company's referral bonus would really help with this month's rent, don't provide a referral for anyone who asks for it. If you enthusiastically endorse a vague acquaintance and the hiring manager is less than impressed, your own judgment of character may be called into question. Of course, this works both ways: if you genuinely provide a stamp of approval and your applicant gets hired, you'll receive kudos for bringing her in.
  • Shave the fuzz off your sweatersTake a clean razor and shave the pills off your clothes. This can be a tedious and long process but totally worth making your favorite sweater look brand-new again! 

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  • Pick the appropriate method to communicate with someone: Just because you're used to sharing important info with your sister through text doesn't mean the same goes for your co-worker. Some conversations require a phone call, some a face-to-face meeting: determine the best way before you set up the chat. And if you do get together in person, put away phones and all other distractions.
  • To find your calling, write a big listStart by taking 20 minutes to list out a total of 100 items. Wise Bread suggests listing things you want to do, jobs you want, people you want to meet, and more. Don't restrain yourself, and write down things that seem impossible to you. When you're done, leave the list alone for a while, then come back to it and try to piece ideas from it. Perhaps you'll find a career path you can really pursue from one of the items.
  • Use baking soda as carpet cleanerBefore you vacuum, sprinkle some baking soda over the carpet and let it sit for a few minutes. When you vacuum, the carpet will smell extra fresh.
  • Make trail mix at homeAs with granola, grocery stores really gouge you for prepackaged trail mix when you can easily control the cost of ingredients by making your own.
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