25 Perfect Places to Snap an Instagram Photo in London

May 3 2019 - 8:55am

London truly has a lot to offer to both travelers and locals [1] alike. You can explore everything from haunted pubs [2] to bright colorful locales [3] and everything in between. The UK city also has a practically endless amount of places to snap the perfect Instagram shot to show off to all your friends.

We pulled together some of our favorite locations in London that will create a beautiful photo. There's a little bit of architecture, a little bit of history, a whole lot of color [4], and even some quirky spots you might not have thought of. Don't stop here, though. There's new things to find around every corner in London!

Kentish Town

The beautifully colored homes in Kentish Town will light up your Instagram. Just be mindful of the fact that these are still homes! Find a row of beautiful pastels on Kelly Street.

Buckingham Palace

Is it really a trip to London if you don't take a photo at the home of the royals? Bonus points if you get the guards in your photo.


Every last inch of Sketch [6] in Mayfair is super Instagrammable. The interior is all pink, but the bathroom is truly where it's at. The ceiling is made up of colored tiles and the stalls are weird little pods.

Carnaby Street

Any part of Carnaby Street makes for a cute photo, but we're partial to the signs over the streets.


There's no shortage of incredible graffiti in Shoreditch. Every corner you turn around will have more to choose from.

Ballie Ballerson

Ballie Ballerson [7] is a dream Instagram stop for adults. You can play in a giant ball pit, and what's not to love about that?

The Underground

Photos of the Underground stations can vary widely, from capturing the trains, the signs, or just the empty tunnels.

Phone Box

Your trip to London isn't complete unless you snap a photo with an iconic red phone box. You can find them all over the city.

Tower Bridge

The most recognizable bridge in London isn't the London Bridge, so don't get confused. The Tower Bridge is the perfect backdrop for photos, but you can also snap a very cool picture while on it.

London Eye

Like many other London spots, the London Eye makes both a good backdrop for a photo and a good location to take one. You'll get an excellent view from inside your pod at the top of the wheel.


The lights outside Harrods are stunning at nighttime, but the displays inside the store, especially in the bakery, are also a great photo.

Peggy Porschen

While the goodies you can buy at Peggy Porschen [8] in Belgravia are also divine, the facade of the bakery makes for the perfect photo.

Platform 9 3/4 at King's Cross

Every Harry Potter [9] fan needs to make a stop at Platform 9 3/4 at King's Cross Station to take a photo with their wands.

Camden Town

There are plenty of shops, stands, and places to eat in Camden Town, but you can get the perfect Instagram in front of this Camden Lock display.

The Churchill Arms

The Churchill Arms [10] in Kensington has the most stunning display of plant life on the exterior of the building, especially during the warmer months.

British Museum

The British Museum [11] may be dedicated to history and art, but the unbelievable domed interior will give you a beautiful Instagram.

Regent Street

The buildings along Regent Street are all historical and beautiful, which provides a great backdrop for a selfie.

Top of the Shard

The key to the best Shard [12] photo is going to the top of the skyscraper and taking a scenic shot of the city.

Farm Girl Cafe

Farm Girl Cafe [13] has three locations and each of them has a sweet interior that will pop on your Instagram. However, the real photo to get here is the one of your food!

Brick Lane Market

There's no limit to what you might find at Brick Lane Market [14]. There's bound to be an eclectic mix of vintage and new finds that will light up your Instagram.

Notting Hill

You can find more beautiful pastel homes in Notting Hill. During the warmer seasons, many of them are also overflowing with flowers.

Neal's Yard

Neal's Yard is a colorful little nook, tucked away in Covent Garden. It's very small, so be mindful of that and try to go early in the morning to get an uncrowded shot.

Leadenhall Market

If this interior looks familiar to you, it might be because it was used as a setting in the Harry Potter [15] films. You can find Leadenhall Market [16] on Gracechurch Street.

St. Paul's Cathedral

Don't skip out on the beautiful architecture London has to offer. St. Paul's Cathedral [17] has been standing for over 1,400 years and deserves a spot in your travel album.

Millennium Bridge

The best shot of the Millennium Bridge is not on it but of it. Stand on either end to capture the unusual shape of the bridge with the sky and water framing it.

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