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The Best Online Coupon Websites

Top 5 Coupon Sites You Should Check Out

Although bargain hunting on the Internet is fun, there seems to be too many junk coupon websites popping up which can make things a little frustrating. To save yourself some time, SmartMoney listed the best coupons sites that are worth clicking through. Here are my top five picks from the list.

  • RetailMeNot: "RetailMeNot is still hands down the best place to look," Kathryn Finney, the founder of The Budget Fashionista tells SmartMoney. You can even set alerts, which will notify you if your favorite retailer releases a new coupon code. I've used this site for everything from hotel discounts to online department store coupons.
  • For those looking to save on groceries, will fit your needs perfectly. The site provides printable grocery coupons, and you can even load some onto your supermarket loyalty card with no printing required.
  • Coupon Network by Catalina: You know the little coupons you get on your receipt after shopping at a grocery store or pharmacy? Apparently they are called "catalinas" and the company behind the product has a site with more deals that you can print out and a loyalty program. I looked through the site and it seems pretty user-friendly. Although the drawback is that not every supermarket and pharmacy participates in the Catalina program, most of the major chains do.
  • Coupon Cabin: This site has a team that tests out the coupons and even guarantees some of them. If the coupons from some handpicked retailers don't work, the company will offer a $25 voucher. The firm is working to provide the guarantee on all offers.
  • DropDownDeals: This is a coupon toolbar you can download to your computer. When you're doing some shopping online, DropDownDeals will send a pop-up that will show you deals on the site that you're on. The toolbar seems like a no-brainer, because you don't need to do any extra searching for a coupon. The drawback to this tech tool is, not all the available coupons pop up.
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