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Best Online E-Cards

Savvy Tip: Be and Save Green With E-Cards

E-cards are great because you can save money and be environmentally friendly by not wasting paper. You may think that sending cards through the Internet loses the personal touch, but I find that the e-cards of today are so interactive and creative that they are really enjoyable to read. I would even say that some e-cards are even better than your standard paper cards, because there's no way a piece of paper can convey the type of humor a video can. Here are two of my favorite e-card sites to visit:

  • Hallmark: People have been giving and receiving Hallmark cards for as long as I can remember. The bonus is that Hallmark now gives you the option of sending free e-cards to people. They have such a great selection and some truly unique interactive features. You don't have to pay any money to send the cards, but if you want access to a wider collection, you'll have to pay about $10 per year. There's really no need to subscribe, because the free cards are really great. One thing I like about is that it doesn't spam you with pop-up ads, and the layout of the site is very clean.
  • JibJab: This is definitely a crowd favorite with my friends. I tried it when it first came out (the service was free back then), and all of us howled with laughter to see a cutout of our friends' faces on tiny bodies doing weird dances or skits. The only downside is you need to pay a subscription fee of $1 a month. But if you pay the fee, you'll be blown away by what you'll be able to do with these cards. Your Mad Men-crazy friend will love you if you place her into a scene with Don Draper on a Jib Jab card. Check out this hilarious JibJab card of High School Musical starring Obama and Hillary Clinton:
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