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"Skinnygirl" Bethenny Frankel Accuses Slim-Fast of Swiping Logo

We're happy to present this post from our friends at Yahoo Shine!

It's a battle worthy of an episode of "Real Housewives." Television personality and diet mogul Bethenny Frankel is claiming that Slim-Fast stole her trademark black-and-red "Skinnygirl" logo for a print ad.

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On Monday, Frankel told her followers on Facebook, "Thank you for all of your concern regarding the confusion with Slim-Fast using my logo without permission. They approached me to do a deal for Skinnygirl Daily nutrition bars, which I declined. I'm shocked to see they used it anyway. I will handle this situation immediately. Thank you for always being so protective of me."

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The Slim-Fast ad shows a curvier figure than Skinnygirl's rail-thin image but does use bright red clothing over a black silhouette and a high, bouncy ponytail similar to Frankel's superthin avatar. A Facebook fan named Lindsay posted, "100% thought it was an article about Skinny Girl or a related product. Go get 'em girl. They would have never used that color scheme or silhouette if it wasn't for your brand." Another fan, Alida, agreed: "Don't they know who they're dealing with? Have they heard the name Bethenny Frankel? I'm sure they're going to meet her very soon, and deserve everything they get . . . "


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It's not clear whether or not Frankel will move to legally block Slim-Fast's use of the image. At press time, no one from the Skinnygirl brand had responded to Yahoo! Shine, and a representative from Slim-Fast said they were not able to comment today about the controversy. However, Frankel's not likely to dismiss the alleged theft altogether. Her initial logo was created during the 2009 season of Real Housewives of New York for her bottled Skinnygirl Margarita beverage, which later she later sold to Jim Beam for an estimated $39 to $64 million (some sources claim $120 million). That's a lot of cocktails.

— Sarah B. Weir

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