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Blockbuster Bankruptcy

Bummer: Blockbuster Going Bust

Sure, ordering from Netflix is a lot more convenient than trudging to your local Blockbuster, but there's something nostalgic about entering that blue and gold building. The company just filed for bankruptcy on Thursday, but what does that mean for Blockbuster fans? This may lead to more store closings — CEO James Keyes said "every single store" will be evaluated.

On the bright side, Blockbuster will still be offering movies 28 days earlier than its competitors — Warner Bros. entered a deal with the firm about half a year ago to give it special distribution rights. I was sad about my local Borders closing, and now I'm pretty glum about the Blockbuster bankruptcy. Seems like these companies need to start figuring out how to get a leg up on their online competition.

Flickr User: Scott Clark

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vabeachbum vabeachbum 6 years
I love Netflix. I think they have vastly improved since they first came out. All my favorite TV shows are on there, a lot of good movies and a lot of new releases. They seem to get things out pretty quickly now... I think they now have things available at the same time it becomes available in stores. Hubby and I are not home enough to make cable worth it so we just go with Netflix.
Spectra Spectra 6 years
Whatever--I love Netflix. Half the time, when I went to Blockbuster to rent movies, we'd stand there and say "What do you want to see?" "Oh, I dunno, what looks good?' and we'd sit there for a half an hour. On Netflix, you can be talking one day and a movie comes up and you say "Oh, we should see that. We missed it in the theater" and you can stick it in your queue. Plus they have a ton of instant movies and TV shows. And it's SO cheap! I'm not surprised Blockbuster went bust, actually.
neonbrite neonbrite 6 years
YEYYY. Dislike blockbuster immensely. Yes it is sad that people will lose their jobs but other than that I personally prefer independent movie stores or renting from the library.
elramos elramos 6 years
I don't rent any more from Blockbuster, but it will be missed if it disappears. A lot of good childhood memories spent watching Blockbuster rentals with family. I agree with lickety split, I don't like netflex either. You either have to wait, or watch horrible/old movies online. I canceled my free netflex trial after 2 days because it wasn't worth it to me. I either see the movies I want when they're in theaters, or wait for them to get on cable anyway.
lickety-split lickety-split 6 years
i don't like waiting for movies to arrive in the mail. i want it now :raspberry: by the time the movie arrives from netflex, i'm no longer in the mood to see it. they have a bunch you can see immediately online, but no not new releases. plus we always run into people we know at the video store, and the clerks will save movies for us :)
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