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Bookstore Closing

Savvy Readers Dish About Their Fave Bookstores Closing

A lot of you chimed in on the goodbye post I dedicated to the closing of my local Borders. I'm still reeling from the loss (no more free WiFi and treasure trove of books!) and don't know what I'm going to replace it with. Seems like many of you had something to say; perhaps it's because we're all surviving this economic downturn together and stores closings are sadly a common sight in these times.


  • Independent bookstores are great, but there's nothing like a Borders. They closed my favorite one, too. There's one in the mall, but it's not nearly as nice as the old stand alone one. I miss it terribly! —
  • It bothers me, because I prefer books. I think the other options are great for traveling & better for the environment. But if they used recycled materials to make books it wouldn't be so environmentally damaging. And I love to visit the bookstores & browse or look through a magazine too. Online just isn't the same. — Anonymous
  • Hmm I don't know, I'd be sadder if an independent book store closed. —
  • Thankfully, I live in a city that hasn't been as affected by the recession as most of the country (Washington, D.C.). However, my hometown is a suburb of Cleveland and it's quite the opposite there, in that the recession seemed to hit that area before it hit the rest of the country. And, many local business closed, including a wonderful local book store my family regularly patronized. Like , that affected me more than if a Borders had closed. My current favorite book store is a place with rooms upon rooms of used books. I don't think they will ever close, but I would be very sad if they did! —
  • Thankfully, the library is always there! I don't go to bookstores at all. —

Find out what others have to say, after the jump.


  • I do like Borders... but even Borders online beats out Borders stores, and when you add in discount codes and cash back offers (like these:, it's just no contest. —
  • Two independent bookstores closed near me in the past couple of years since Borders and Barnes & Noble opened. This summer a new small bookstore opened, hope it makes it. —
  • Our local library is closed more than it's open. Many restaurants here have closed, smaller mom and pop type. Not too many stores (yet). —
  • I love Borders too. I just love walking around and randomly flipping through a book or two. I wish I had more time to read these days. —
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