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Brainstorm in the Shower

Productivity Tip: Brainstorm in the Shower

If you've never tried the lather, brainstorm, rinse, and repeat method in the shower, you should. When the going got tough, one of my former bosses would always tell the team to go home, sleep on it, then think about it again in the shower — "all the best ideas appear amid the steam," he'd say confidently. Years later, I still think he's right.

There's something about the calm of a nice hot shower that clears your head and encourages the best ideas to work their way to the surface, not to mention you're multitasking by washing your hair and planning or problem-solving at the same time. I've been a bubbly brainstormer for years now and don't even have to consciously think about it being a special think tank time — the ideas just flow.

Do you find yourself multitasking in the shower?

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Spectra Spectra 7 years
I only have about 5 minutes that I'm in the shower, so I tend to brainstorm when I'm working out instead.
esmerb esmerb 7 years
All the time!
stellaRuby stellaRuby 7 years
I think in the shower most mornings. I plan my day because my schedule can change pretty quickly, so I usually don't know what it will be for sure till the morning. I often write my schedule out in steam on glass doors while I am waiting to rinse out my conditioner .
skigurl skigurl 7 years
I prefer not to think about work while at home, but I had a boss who did this, because she would always write me emails on her blackberry early in the morning with a stream of conciousness, admitting she came up with her genius plan in the shower! and usually the ideas were pretty good.
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