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The holidays might be over, but the season of losing jobs continues. I've heard of fed-up workers rounding up friends to celebrate quitting a job, but throwing a laid-off party is something new to me.

Real Simple writer Kate Parker shared the story of her friend who "has found a reason to celebrate even amidst one of life's cruelest moments," and sent her friends invitations to join together for a dinner party in honor of her job loss. The jobless friend gave the party a cheeky name (you can see her invitation by following the link, as long as you're comfortable with a curse word).

What do you think of this idea, is it brilliant or baffling?


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Symphonee Symphonee 8 years
I wouldn't spend a lot money to do it but I think it is a inventive way to keep your spirits up. When a door closes a window opens.
shydcgirl28 shydcgirl28 8 years
Great attitude!
EastVillageAmy EastVillageAmy 8 years
I absolutely know how you feel Jasmint! I also got laid off last Thursday and I was actually really happy about it, I called my dad and told him, "I just got laid off, isn't that fantastic!?" Basically had a job I didn't care that much about, but it wasn't bad enough to quit. I was comfortable and complacent, and probably wouldn't have been brave enough to quit outright, but now I have the opportunity to have some free time to recharge my batteries and actually pursue a career that I genuinely love. So far unemployment has been great, I'm so thankful to be able to nestle in and catch up on my DVR-ed flicks and not have to commute in the frigid weather. Not sure if I'm having a party, but I did send out an email telling everyone I was excited and thrilled. Several people have said "Congrats!" rather than "I'm sorry."
aimeeb aimeeb 8 years
I did in March of 2008 but I don't think I would if it happened to me again now that I've recovered...
jasmint jasmint 8 years
I love this, and may do it myself. I was just laid off last week and though I'm a little worried about finding a new job, I also feel liberated and ready for a change. A 9-5 desk job wasn't for me, and now I'm ready to get on and find work that excites and inspires me.
LoveSarah LoveSarah 8 years
Whiskey makes everything better, so why not party it up? :)
PinkSparkleGrl PinkSparkleGrl 8 years
I just had a small unemployment party for my friend on Saturday. It was low key, and I am sure we will have another one out on the town soon :)
carhornsinapril carhornsinapril 8 years
i got laid off a year ago today, which happened to be the day before my engagement party. there was no way in hell i wasn't going to celebrate! it was a great job that had turned horrible in the 6 weeks preceding the layoff, and the severance was laughable, so the best thing to do was have a drink (or five) with friends, and look forward to the possibilities of the future...
Court003 Court003 8 years
As someone who just got laid off, it's a great idea! I'ts a pretty low point in my life, but now I'm thinking of having a celebration party. Not only can it help you appreciate the positives in life (loving family and friends) but what a great opportunity to let everyone know you're searching for a new job :)
Lilavati Lilavati 8 years
Better party than feel bad... but don't ignore your true feelings either.
Marseeah Marseeah 8 years
I love seeing this sort of optimism. It sounds like this woman is using her unfortunate event as a jumping off point to take her life in a new direction!
gemsera gemsera 8 years
I think its important to keep in touch with everyone you currently know and meet new people, but as for celebrating, no thanks. There aren't enough jobs in my field so I would have to go back to being a secretary. So it would be a depressing time for me.
proudmom proudmom 8 years
I think it's brilliant to surround yourself with a support system. It's great, also, to brainstorm with others & you never know who knows whom who may have job opportunities. In these times we must be creative!
GlowingMoon GlowingMoon 8 years
LOL @ Wackdoodle's post. What a great way to close that chapter! :) Several years ago, I was laid-off. At the time, it was depressing. But thankfully, I moved on to greener pastures. My life took a turn for the better, and I'm at a good place now. Looking back, being laid-off was a blessing, as I had the opportunity to be at a better place. I should have celebrated, but like many people in similar situation, it was depressing.
wackdoodle wackdoodle 8 years
When I worked at an internet company that was devoured by another internet all of us (about 60 inhouse people) had the most enormous blow out party and dinner to celebrate the ridculousness of our CEO selling our highly profitable company to go run for VP on the Liberitian ticket in 2000. It was a day long debacle paid for with the MISC funds set aside for the company for executive travel expenses, trip for the sales staff to go to Europe and to conferences. We had two top Bay Area restaurants catering, we had Anchor Steam delivering fresh brew, wine, champagne, we had go go dancers, a cool dj and a lady making balloon animals. Plus at the end of the party we got our final paycheck and a giant sized severance check. Oh yes since the building we were in was going to be demolished anyway so we all had sledgehammers and beat the heck out of the walls. The building owner was fine with that - he didn't have to hire someone to come in and do what we did for him. Then the after party was move to a copywriters house where more drinking, eating and networking was had. It really was the best way to celebrate having worked with a great group of people who together made an excellent company.
Mashiguna Mashiguna 8 years
Been there done that. You have to be able to find the silver lining or else you'll beat yourself up about it.
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