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Budget Party Essentials

10 Bucks: The Only Party Trick You Need

Ladies, never let your budget prevent you from having a party again — promise? Whether you're looking to host a weekend dinner party or have friends over for a movie, it doesn't have to break the bank. With a few essentials under $10 and affordable tips and tricks (potluck please!) a good time awaits. Find out how, and send out that Facebook invite . . . There's about to be a party!

  • Playing Cards ($3): Whether it's a game of poker or "go fish," a deck of cards promises a good time with whatever crowd (or age) you're hosting.
  • Netflix ($8): A Netflix membership is only $8 a month and allows for endless streaming of movies and TV shows. It's cheaper than heading to the theater with friends and is an affordable way to host a movie night. If you don't want to subscribe to Netflix, simply log in with a guest's account the night of your party.
  • Cocktail Shaker ($10): Instead of purchasing premixed drinks or heading out to happy hour, shake up a mean cocktail on a budget with this stainless-steel option.
  • Glassware ($4, originally $6): No need for red cups when these stylish, glass tumblers will do the job.
  • More $10 party tricks below!

  • Dining Utensils ($4): A party store is a great place to find cutlery in your party's colors; it also makes cleanup a cinch.
  • Popcorn ($3): If you're hosting a movie night or simply need an affordable appetizer, turn to popcorn — this parmesan truffle popcorn is sure to impress.
  • Plates ($3, originally $5): If you like to entertain often, the cost of paper plates can add up. Ditch the boring and opt for a cool, plastic set instead.
  • Napkins ($7): Add color and keep your home mess-free with a graphic set of napkins.
  • Potluck Invitations ($7): The most budget-friendly party one can host is a potluck. With your friends each bringing a dish, it will cut back significantly on the cost of food. Plus, it's fun to try a variety dishes. Set the tone with pot luck invites, this way it won't feel awkward asking guests to pitch in.
  • Vase ($7): Fresh flowers are an entertaining must. You can easily stay on budget with an affordable vase and flowers cut from your garden.
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