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Bull Market vs. Bear Market: How Money Are You

Just as political parties have their token animals, so do market conditions; a bull and bear are used to characterize the state of the market.

The terms are often thrown around by financial news personalities and are on the tips of investors' tongues. Do you know the difference between a bull and bear market?


Bull Market vs. Bear Market: How Money Are You

Which market condition is characterized by a downward trend?

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mllekat mllekat 8 years
wow I got them all right! I do remember stuff from HS apparently, lol.
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
woo hoo! i know my markets! i'm actually excited about this one since i never get 100% anymore.
bellaressa bellaressa 8 years
Yes Nv - you're correct.
nv27 nv27 8 years
Um, if you get the first one right, youre pretty much a shoe-in, no?
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