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Canceling Cable to Save Money 2010-07-15 06:00:42

Tuning Out: Could You Go Without TV to Save?

When I was younger, Summer with the fam was usually TV-free. My parents thought that without the television sucking us in, we'd be more likely to get outdoors and do what kids are supposed to be doing — hiking, biking, exploring. And they were right. People who cancel their cable can testify to the fact that not being slave to television series (after series) means there's a lot more time to devote to other activities. But that's not the reason why "800,000 U.S. households have canceled their TV service over the past two years," according to the Convergence Consulting Group.

For the most part, the motivating factor is purely economic. That's not to say that everyone is doing it, but thanks to the recession, certainly there's enough motivation to go without that the quitters could now "populate a top 10 U.S. city." Though the downside for some may mean missing out on breaking news, there's always the Internet to keep you up to date. And to be honest, if I could have been sneaking my favorite shows online when I was on family vacay, I probably would have. So tell me, to save money, would you go TV-free? Or are you already going without — and how much are you saving?

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