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pooopy pooopy 5 years
Leatherback turtles??????????????? Need I say more.
pooopy pooopy 5 years
i guess it's better to be like me and don't take a job unless it has some real value  
pooopy pooopy 5 years
your site sure seems dead  
pooopy pooopy 5 years
these people do not represent the values of america, getting married and divorced like a revolving door, rejecting conservate, religious views etc. Polls show that 80% of Americans believe in God. Actors are usually godless, vulgar, obscene atheists.
pooopy pooopy 5 years
Just like the Clinton years, Obama's presidency is a Hollywood-Loves-Me farce.
pooopy pooopy 5 years
What makes you think that a couple of far-left liberal views makes an idiot like Ben Affleck a potential president?? Believe it or not, most Americans are fairly conservative. As for corporate greed, America is great because of corporate greed. Quit hopping on the pop liberal political bandwagon and take a whiff of what is really going on in the real world, outside of your shallow drive-by media microcosm
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