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Celebrity Apprentice: A Knight on Broadway

To my surprise, I was entertained by last night's episode of Celebrity Apprentice even though Gene Simmons wasn't part of it. Phew! I thought the show would go down the tubes without witty Gene, but a couple of people stepped up their game. Or maybe the edits were so skewed to feature Gene in past episodes that we missed out on traits like Stephen Baldwin's manic giggle?

The challenge last night was to sell Broadway tickets to four shows to raise money for, of course, charity. The guest judge was none other than Vince McMahon, and Marilu Henner admitted to the camera that she thought Vince was cute. Funny, I wouldn't have pinned him as her type. Vinnie Pastore was the project manager for Hydra and Marilu was Empresario's project manager.

Empresario's record was 0-3 so they were extra motivated for this challenge. The women were all business and Nely Galan went as far as saying that her black book was better than Gene's because she had Latinos. Is it just me or does it always seem like her lipstick is freshly applied?

Everyone calls their rich friends and the candidates seem really into the challenge. David Hyde Pierce shows up to help Empresario promote the show for which he won a Tony, Nely's connections donate $5,000, Trace Adkins calles a woman that he met last week and she donates $5,000, and in a nail-biting finish two flight attendants from Virgin bring Piers Morgan a check for $10,000. Bob Sagat pays a visit to Hydra but doesn't say anything crass. Bummer.

To see a video of Piers in a special outfit and the spoiler just

I think Piers just took the cake as King Arthur and loved how many times Vinnie said "boom" in such a short time. Back in the boardroom, Vince McMahon announces that the women raised $31,757 and Ivanka broke the news that the men raised $33,300. The men won again! Hydra votes Piers as this week's MVP and I'd have to agree.

Marilu thinks the problem is that the men are always giving 100 percent and the women have a big imbalance. Jennie Finch and Carol Alt had the "garbage jobs" that nobody else wanted, and Omarosa thinks Carol should go because she "flies below the radar." Carol retorts that "Omarosa is weak because she tries to make others feel insecure by exploiting their weaknesses." Good point. Cleavage is becoming Omarosa's signature accessory.

In the judges' deliberations Ivanka says that Marilu is Empresario's only hope and I think she's right. Jennie and Carol join Marilu in the boardroom, and Jennie admits that she can't compete and isn't accustomed to such a harsh environment. Donald fires Jennie and tells her that it just isn't her world, but he likes her world better. Everyone agrees that firing Jennie was the right choice, including me.

Photo courtesy of NBC

Join The Conversation
iamvictorious iamvictorious 9 years
I didn't understand why Nely sent her contacts away to get a cashier check. That's what killed them. But overall I think the men definitely have more star power.
i-am-awesomeness i-am-awesomeness 9 years
I don't see what's so wrong with Omarosa. She doesn't really do anything wrong. I think that Nely is the weakest link. She is consistently making mistakes and everything... at least Omarosa is working.
ilanac13 ilanac13 9 years
i was SOOO hoping that the women would win - but oh well. you know, i had no intention of watching this season since i haven't watched any of the past seasons...yet somehow i do. i think that i do it to see who these celebs will call to help out on the challenges. as for who left...i agree...i think that omorosa needs to go - she's really not that great at what she does - and i really wanted to see jennie do something amazing.
bingkaycoy bingkaycoy 9 years
Yea I also think that Omarosa is the weakest link. She just find all the "wrongs or weaknesses" of others " to make her look good by saying she's not that.
NadiaPotter NadiaPotter 9 years
of course it was the right choice, if I were there I had already run away from those woman... and well... they kinda sux... and I do agree that Omarosa is the weakest link, and I think that they are losing because she's always trying to probe them wrong. She wastes so much energy trying to do what she thinks is best, than to try and actually think and help the TEAM, maybe it is part of a game...
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