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Celebrity Apprentice Recap Episode 1, Season 2

Celebrity Apprentice: Was the Right Candidate Fired?

The second season of The Celebrity Apprentice kicked off last night with a dramatic bang. There was as much friction on the men's team as the women's team, which made for two hours of arguments and irritated celebrities. Speaking of teams, the team names chosen were almost as random as last season's choices: the women chose Athena as their collective name, which made a little sense, while the men chose Kotu (Kings of the Universe). Moving on.

Donald Trump challenges the teams to bake and sell cupcakes, design a mobile sales center, and go all over NYC selling cupcakes. As with all challenges, the team that makes the most money wins. While Annie Duke and Joan Rivers heat up the kitchen with friction (Joan compares her to Mussolini), Andrew Dice Clay makes it easy for most of his team to want him gone. He whines incessantly from the start, first about the fact that Trump didn't provide any breakfast for them and then about how he "hates" baking cupcakes.

Athena beats Kotu in the first challenge, sending the men to the boardroom. Project manager Herschel Walker brings Andrew and Dennis Rodman back to face the Trumps, and it gets ugly when Herschel calls Andrew a has-been. It seemed that Andrew was the obvious choice for getting fired — aside from the fact that he said he wanted to quit at one point, Herschel raised the most money that day, and Dennis is the biggest celebrity on the show. Do you agree with Trump's decision?

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Smart-Living Smart-Living 8 years
Caterpillar- I totally agree about T-Boz . . . I don't remember her saying one word. I was also pleasantly surprised by Tom Green! He's not afraid to approach anyone and I think could turn out to be a great marketing asset to the team.
Carrie-Sue Carrie-Sue 8 years
It doesn't get much better than Scott Hamilton :)
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 8 years
oops. I missed Sandra Bullocks dude, Jesse.....shows how much i think of him!!!!! I used to think he was cute, not anymore!
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 8 years
Yes, Lord Yes, If i had to keep looking at Andrew Dice Clays bad leather jackets, and listen to him talk about "selling out madison square gardens" again, i would barf. What I think so far of everyone. Joan Rivers- the most frightening face, like a puppet even. I can never get a grip on her personality. Melissa Rivers- I cant stand her, and she looks like she has started the plastic surgery also. her and her mom need to seperate. playboy playmate- I dont know her name, she couldnt even get Hef to donate anything. Golf Girl- I swear she didnt even talk the first episode! Poker girl- horrible haircut, ball buster for sure, know it all, thinks she is in charge. Lets make a deal girl- she wont last long. T-Boz- didnt talk a bit, very quiet. not realistically a leader. did i miss anyone? The boys: Dennis- media wh*re, but doesnt like to share obviously. I dont want him to stick around. CLint Black- sweet man, quiet, reserved but I think a strong competitor. Hershel- how old is that man? he need to step up his leadership skills, as in making his men stay straight. Scott Hamilton- what a sweetheart, little but big personality. Brian - Man of few words, and not really strong in voice. Tom Green- my favorite, he isnt an idiot although he plays one on TV. He had my favorite looks, and quotes of the episode. committed to winning. not afraid to be truthful.
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
yes, i think that the right person left the show first. i think that out of the 2 that were really on the chopping block, he was the one that contributed less...and would contribute less if he were to remain. i think that rodman will prove to be useful at some point in the season, and trump knows that
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