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Reader Tips: Inexpensive Ways to Unwind

Keeping your head clear after a rough day at work isn't easy for anyone. It's crucial to let go of the workday blues when you leave the office by taking time for yourself, but the key is to not rely on retail therapy. There are plenty of ways to detach from the day's events, and none of these ideas involve retail therapy — no need to make things worse by spending money you may not have. I recently asked about your favorite inexpensive pleasures, and you shared great tips! Here are some of my favorites:

  • "I like to turn off the lights, lay down on my sofa and play a George Michael CD as loud as my neighbors will accept it. His voice just fills up the room and it's so soothing that it immediately relaxes me. I tried to do this every night and I realize that it helps me sleep a lot better than watching TV before bed." — Ale Neumann
  • "A good book, a blanket, and a cup of English tea with lots of milk." — Deidre
  • "Magazine reading at Barnes and Noble or painting my nails while watching Sex and the City re-runs!" — lana7128
  • "I would have to say my favorite inexpensive pleasure is getting books from the library and reading in bed." — RoaringSilence
  • "I'm the queen of inexpensive pleasures . . . I know how to have fun on the cheap! My favorite things are: enjoying a nice cup of fresh ground coffee while I read books that I get from the library, sitting around and painting my nails while I watch Oprah or Dr. Phil, and shopping at thrift stores/dollar stores to find cool bargains." — Spectra

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Frenched Frenched 7 years
Very cool tips. Frequently relying on retail therapy can quickly became another cause for stress so it's important to find cheap and creative ways to add fun into your life. :)
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