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Cleaning Hacks From Reddit

9 Cleaning Hacks From Real People

Although the idea of Spring-cleaning seems great — after all, who wouldn't want a fresh start? — the implementation takes a lot of hard work. Luckily, when I did a search on Reddit, I found plenty of cleaning hacks that will help make the task easier and more effective:

  • Clean your shower while you're showering. User insertcitationhere says you can kill two birds with one stone when you "clean your shower while you take a shower . . . likewise, dry out your showers with one of those squeegie things after every bath (you will never get soapscum or mildew, making monthly cleaning easy)."
  • Target one room at a time. insertcitationhere recommends to "clean one room a week instead of your whole house once a month. For example, I clean once a week every Sunday night."
  • Listen to music. Turkishgamer says, "listening to music while cleaning helps."
  • Let hunger motivate you. "Wash just after you finish cooking, because you are really hungry for the food you just cooked, [so] you blast through those pots and pans like a madman," says theresaviking.
  • Store the sheet set in a pillowcase. One redditor says, "After putting a sheet set through the laundry, store the sheets (and one pillowcase) inside the other pillowcase. You'll never search for the matching sheet/pillowcase again."
  • Grind up the peels. "An old roommate showed me that throwing lemon and orange peels into the garbage disposal instead of the trash helps give your kitchen that citrus fresh smell. Just make sure that you make the pieces small enough first before you grind them," says FrenchChic16."
  • Have a discard bowl. "I've found it helpful when prepping vegetables to have a discard bowl on the counter by my cutting board for seeds, etc.," says novemberdream07. "It keeps me from constantly going to the garbage every time I need to and makes everything a bit faster."
  • Vinegar is a powerhouse cleaner. User l1ghtning, a self-proclaimed chemist, says, "White vinegar is a good substitute for many household cleaners (so-called 'General Purpose Cleaners'). Buy a cheap spray bottle and fill it with vinegar undiluted. It is perfect for quick cleanups around the kitchen and bathroom, as it is both a disinfectant AND completely volatile (it will smell for a while but evaporate to leave no residues)." Check out more uses of vinegar here.
  • Clove oil kills mold. When you've cleaned the visible mold, there may still be mold spores you can't see. Kill "the mold spores which are remaining by buying some distilled pure clove oil from eBay or a health store," says l1ghtning. "Put about 1/2 tablespoon of the oil into about half a cup of methylated spirits (or denatured spirits, different named in different places around the world) and stir. Dilute this to 1 liter with water and then wipe the moldy surface: works amazing for moldy showers."
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