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Colleague Is Causing Problems

Savvy Confessions: My Co-Worker Is Sabotaging Me

This anonymous posting comes from our Savvy Confessions group, where all identities are kept anonymous.

I'm transitioning into a new position and my manager has asked another employee (someone I don't know) to help me out and adjust to the new role. Turns out, she's about to lose her job soon since our company is downsizing that department and she's been trying to take my position! Another superior, who is a good friend of mine, clued me into it. She doesn't do it in obvious ways, but she just says that I'm not prepared for the role and such and throws doubt in my direction. I actually felt sick when I heard about that because she's always so nice to me. Should I confront her before she totally sabotages me? Or should I bring this up with the manager?

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testadura67 testadura67 5 years
I would request a meeting with your new manager, and your supervisor friend to bring your concerns to the table. I'd be concerned how it would look going to a new boss accusing someone of sabotage. It seems like the wrong foot to get off on. But if you have the person who brought the situation to your attention, and it's a supervisor (someone who I assume has credibility in the company), then it would give you an extra bit of credibility. I think the meeting would only be necessary if you think her attempts are going to be in any way successful. If she's just shooting off her mouth and no one's taking her seriously, rise above and prove her wrong by being good at your job. If she's getting vicious about it, have the meeting.
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