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Competition in the Workplace

Do You Think Women Help Each Other in Their Careers?

Is part of the gender gap due to the fact that women are too competitive with each other? Researcher Susan Barash tells MSNBC that a male-dominated culture fuels the jealousy that women have towards each other and females are more inclined to help those with bigger age gaps because it makes them feel less threatened. It makes me sad to think that even though we're all grown up and working for our money, our high school gossip girl tendencies might still linger on.

It's counter-intuitive to pit ourselves against each other because if we're trying to narrow the wage gap between men and women, us females need to band together. That's why I love an organization such as Women 2.0, a nonprofit that focuses on bringing together women entrepreneurs. I'm curious, do you think women help each other in their careers?

Image Source: The CW
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