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Consumers Are Angry Over Netflix Raising Prices

Netflix to Increase Prices, Thousands Voice Upset

Seeing as the price for the online movie and mail-order DVD subscription Netflix plans are going to increase by 60 percent, many people took to social media platforms to voice their upset. Before the price hike, the company charged $10 for unlimited streaming and one DVD mailed at a time, but it is now planning to raise the charge to $16. Here are some of the comments by angry customers who expressed their outrage to the company's Facebook page:

"I came up with a solution. We're going to cancel our subscription to Netflix and check out DVDs from our local public library. It's free, easy, and quick. We can reserve DVDs online and have then sent to our local branch!"

"This is gonna be a boon for Redbox. Unfortunately, Netflix and I will have to part ways . . . "

"For anyone that doesn't understand why so many are upset about $8/mo, for many of us that's our entertainment budget. Can't afford groceries, much less going out to movies. This is a sucker punch to loyal customers who were just trying to hang on anyway. No one else gets away with price gouging during tough times, why should Netflix?"

"Knew this was coming. The portfolio of streaming programs/movies is very limited and is always older. So the only way to get recent content is via DVD. Not sure about y'all, but I am off to Red Box, its cheap, its convenient and it doesn't make me feel like I am being fleeced! Bye Bye Netflix!"

There are over 14,000 dissatisfied comments on the firm's wall, and some of them are claiming that Netflix is deleting their comments. Obviously the public is very upset, and personally, I'm considering switching out of Netflix myself, or at least, downgrading my package so I'm not paying more than double what I used to pay. If you're a Netflix user, how are you dealing with the rise in prices?

Source: Flickr User kristipwrs

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