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Conventional vs. Organic Grocery Prices

Organic vs. Conventional: Price Breakdown of 10 Common Groceries

To choose organic, or not to choose organic: that is the question. Whether it is nobler to choose better quality and suffer the outrageous fortune at the cash register or buy conventional items that are lighter on the wallet. Luckily, we have done the dirty work for you by comparing the prices of 10 common groceries. You might be surprised how comparable some of the prices are. If you choose the completely conventional route, all of these groceries add up to $34.22 a week. Likewise, if you opt for 100 percent organic fare, you will pay $53.41 a week. That's a $19.19 difference, which may seem pretty steep.

You'll notice we have checked off our Savvy Picks. You might be wondering why we're opting for the more expensive organic animal products. If you haven't seen Food Inc., you should definitely educate yourself on the conventional animal farming practices in the USA. Think: cramped animals in unsanitary conditions that are fed hormones, steroids, and antibiotics to synthetically accelerate their growth and prevent illness. In our opinion, sometimes the quality of organic food trumps the price of its conventional counterpart, and our Savvy Picks reflect which foods we think are worth going organic.

Ultimately, only you can decide what feels best for you and your budget. It might make sense for you to buy cheaper coffee and cereal to save up for organic milk. Or, maybe you're paying off a credit card, and every cent you save counts. Now's the time to calculate all of your options, so you can stick to your budget while shopping.


See the complete breakdown of organic vs. conventional foods here.


Food Item Name Type Price Price Per Unit Savvy Pick


Cheerios Conventional $2.99/14 oz $0.21/oz
Cascadian Farms Purely Os Organic Cereal Organic $5.99/9 oz $0.58/oz
Milk Dairy Glen Milk 2% Conventional $3.39/gal $0.03/fl.oz
O Organics Organic 2% Milk Organic $6.59/gal $0.05/fl. oz
Apples Red Delicious Conventional $1.10/each $1.10/each
Organic Red Delicious Organic $2.49/lb $1.25/each
Broccoli Broccoli Conventional $1.99/lb $0.12/oz
Organic Broccoli Organic $3.00/lb $0.19/oz
Chicken Foster Farms Chicken Breast Conventional $3.59/lb $0.22/oz
O Organics Chicken Breast Organic $8.99/lb $0.56/oz
Coffee Safeway Select Breakfast Blend Whole Bean Coffee Conventional $6.99/11 oz $0.64/oz
Big River Breakfast Blend Organic Coffee Organic $7.99/12 oz $0.67/oz
Bread Sara Lee Classic 100% Whole Wheat Bakery Bread with Honey Conventional $2.50/24 oz $0.10/oz
Alvarado St Organic Bread Sprouted Wheat Organic $2.99/24 oz $0.13/oz
Peanut Butter Jiff Creamy Peanut Butter Conventional $4.49/28 oz $0.16/oz
O Organics Creamy Peanut Butter Organic $4.39/18 oz $0.24/oz
Eggs Lucerne Eggs Large Grade AA Conventional $2.19/dozen $0.18/egg
O Organics Organic Grade A Large Brown Eggs Organic $4.99/dozen $0.41/egg
Strawberries Driscoll's Strawberries Conventional $4.99/lb $0.31/oz
Driscoll's Organic Strawberries Organic $5.99/lb $0.37/oz


Pricing Source: Safeway

Image Source: Thinkstock
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