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Readers Say Pets Are Worth Their Weight in Gold

Wow, readers got pretty passionate when I asked if pets are worth their cost. I guess there are a lot of animal lovers on Sugar (you and me both)! All of the commenters chimed in about how their furry friend is their sun, moon, and stars. Read on to hear what they had to say:

  • Yes . . . in fact, my dog is snuggled up against me right now, keeping me warm. No one else shows me the unconditional love that she does, and I wouldn't care if I had to go into debt to pay for her care.—
  • Only $7,000? We spent way more than $20,000 on our lab. Worth every penny and a heck of a lot cheaper than having a kid. —
  • Nothing in this world can offer you the same love and affection that a pet can offer you. So yeah, I do think a few thousand dollars is worth it.—
  • The money you'd save by not having a dog (or cat) cannot buy the utter joy that having one gives!!! Also, I would think twice before buying a pet, because there are so many that need good homes (available at your local shelter). Both of mine are adopted, and they are just as good as a dog you would purchase from a breeder. —

To hear more, read on.

  • Absolutely! I am a single woman who lives by myself, and I rescued my dog back in April. I didn't realize it when I got her, but she was quite the sick little pup! She definitely has some stomach issues, which requires a homemade diet (there is probably some dog food out there that will do the trick, but she was suffering so badly, and a homemade diet is working, so we're sticking to it!). Luckily, I invested in pet insurance, which has already paid for itself! It is almost like she knows that she had a rough start and is so appreciative of everything! She is a good little guard dog, and I love coming home to her every night! Everybody that meets her says, "there is something about that dog!" The vet calls her the "Benji dog" or their "Disney dog" because she is just so darn cute! We are lucky to have each other! — Alyssa R
  • Abso-freaking-lutely. —
  • Of course they are! Any person who thinks otherwise shouldn't even have pets. — Anonymous


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