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Crime Fighting Elmo

Don't Mess With Elmo; He'll Give You a Beating

What happened to the nice Elmo I grew up with? When a man started assaulting customers in a Florida guitar store last Saturday, a guy wearing a furry Elmo costume fought back, reports CNN. The man in the Elmo suit had just performed at a children's event nearby, and when he was in the guitar store, the attacker started throwing punches at him. I bet he didn't think Elmo would respond in kind.

Elmo was left unharmed in the scuffle, but it didn't turn out so good for the other guy. "The suspect in this case suffered broken fingers and was taken to the hospital where he would receive treatment for his injuries and undergo a mental evaluation. The man dressed as Elmo was the victim in this incident and was not injured," according to a statement from the police.

"It looks good for the kids though. I mean, Elmo's kicking butt, keeping the society good," the Elmo-dressed man said. As a children's product, do you think this costumed Elmo should have stayed away from violence to keep the brand clean or did he improve Elmo's image with his crime fighting skills?

Image Source: Getty
onlysourcherry onlysourcherry 7 years
okay, what if someone was assaulted and there was a guy who could have helped nearby who was like "i didn't want to get involved because i didn't want to tarnish elmo's brand." uhhh no.
J-Rabbit J-Rabbit 7 years
I thought this was going to be about the Times Square Elmo, cuz he looks like he would give someone a beat down.
nicole121482 nicole121482 7 years
I think people read to much into situations that they don't need to. This other customer was assaulting store customers! And someone didn't just sit by and allow it to happen...he just so happened to be in an Elmo that it was little kid's friend...but let's stay focused on the bigger issue here and that this was able to defend himself and stop the bad guy....I don't really see an issue....
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