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Are Customer Reviews Helpful When Shopping?

Do You Use Consumer Reviews to Help You Buy?

While browsing online (with intent to purchase), I used to skip right over the other consumers' reviews of the products. You know, that comment section where product purchasers can leave their thoughts and reviews of the merchandise. I just found it too confusing — too many mixed messages. While one user said, for instance, that the shoes ran a size small, another said they ran a size larger. It seems the more I read, the less sure I was of making the purchase.

Recently, however, a review came in quite handy. While browsing for a Summer dress, I came across tons of reviews — all with the same message: do not buy; this dress is extremely sheer. I did a quick scan of the dress again and realized how misleading the photo was, since the model wearing it was also wearing a slip underneath. This time around, reviews saved me from making a regrettable buy. So, tell me, do you take customer reviews to heart or do you typically ignore other consumer comments?

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rma288 rma288 6 years
I DEFINITELY have to look at consumer reviews before I buy anything. I feel like brand marketing has gotten so out of hand, you can't really trust anything that the marketing team has said. To find out what a product is really like, you have to go to the people that have actually used it. One of the best examples of this has got to be Not only do they have a ton of reviews, but you can see who wrote the review. For example, a 20-something guy is going to write a very different review of a digital camera than a grandma. It helps to know where the person is coming from when you read a review.
Gawjuslayd Gawjuslayd 7 years
Depending on the purchase I may read a review. More often not. I did read them when getting my new laptop, but this is a great way to hear what people are saying about a large ticket item without being biased. Usually I skip reviews unless I am bored just because they are all based on opinions. There may be facts in them, but people and their situations vary greatly. I can't be bothered not buyuing something I am hell-bent on just because people don't like it. What makes them so right?!
Spectra Spectra 7 years
I do, but only to figure out why certain models of items are more expensive than other models. For example, when we were buying a new dishwasher, we found out that after a certain price point, all you were paying for was extra noise reduction. Since our dishwasher is downstairs and we only run it at night, the noise wasn't an issue.
Yesi-Jukebox Yesi-Jukebox 7 years
I constantly read consumer's reviews, but you have to learn to decipher why someone might have been upset with their purchase. Sometimes the consumer was having a bad day so they are aggravated by menial things; say when they go to a restaurant and are left waiting a little longer than usual for their meal. Sometimes the person had higher expectations than could have been met by the product.
skigurl skigurl 7 years
I do all the time, but I know that just because something gets a bad rating, doens't mean it's all bad - that's why I like to read the details because something that bothers one person may not bother another...e.g. I read reviews before buying a vaccuum and the one I bought had some negative reviews but it was because these people were trying to use it for high pile carpet but I just wanted it for hardwood, so I was able to read enough to get a feel for who has a house comparable to mine and see what they had to say.
socalbeachgal socalbeachgal 7 years
I read them to get an idea about the quality of the product.
tiaramh tiaramh 7 years
I do, when im shopping online or buying a product/brand that im not very familiar with. I like to make sure that others are satisfied with the product before i go out on a limb and buy it. Unless it's something that I've seen in the store, or know someone who has the item.
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