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DIY Sharpie-Painted Pencils

DIY Stocking Stuffer: Sharpie-Painted Pencils

If you're looking for a cute and creative DIY stocking stuffer, painted pencils would make a great gift. Not only are they pretty to look at, but they are also practical. They can make great gifts for people of all ages from kids who like to doodle to adults who like to spend Sunday mornings sipping on coffee and working on crossword puzzles. Here are some instructions on how to make these pretty little sticks of joy:

  1. Buy pencils. You can get them anywhere, but you want to buy them from the dollar store. 
  2. Design with sharpie paint pens. Choose oil-based paint sharpie markers for long-lasting results. Decide what kind of design you have in mind, or you can even just experiment as you draw. Some people like to spray-paint the pencils to another shade before drawing. I decided to keep the original shade of the pencils, because I liked the look of it and wanted to show off a bit of the original color. 
  3. Let it dry. It dries pretty quickly, but you might want to wait a day just to be on the safe side. 
  4. Wrap it up. You can give the pencils as is, but if you want them ot have a feel of a gift, cut a small strip of paper, and wrap it around the pencils. Tie up the bundle with a string for the finishing touch. 

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