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5 Sweet and Savvy Ways to Welcome Overseas Wedding Guests

While destination weddings are technically held in a location where neither party lives, many of you raised a good point that anytime you travel to the nuptials, it's technically a destination wedding. My friend recently attended a wedding where many attendees flew in from all over the world, and just seeing this welcome box (and hearing her tale) gave me a bunch of great ideas to share:

  • Embrace the digital age — While printed invitations are lovely, the purchase price adds up, especially when factoring in overseas mailing rates. If a simple email invite isn't your style for anything fancier than a weekend bar night or birthday party, consider making a personal video to share the wedding details online. This happy couple had a talented friend who created and edited a short clip so everyone could see it at the same time, for no cost at all.
  • Follow me on Facebook — For the nighttime celebration on a hotel rooftop, there was a Facebook group and separate flier PDF to share as well. Sure, dear Aunt Sally may not be following you online, but it works for friends and co-workers just attending this portion of the festivities.

Learn about the other things in this box and why they are useful,


  • Welcome to town — Take the money saved on invites and offer a little something for those coming to town. While difficult to manage for huge weddings, the couple took time to custom mark a city guidebook with things each guest would like and wrote details on post-it notes as well.
  • Handy goodies — The whole package was wrapped in a reusable scarf and presented in a tote bag, perfect for the shopping adventures around town!
  • . . . And a little something for the road — Keep in mind the space available in luggage and offer other small items like this mini incense kit and bracelet or a regional edible or drinkable treat so no one feels weighed down on the way home.
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EvieJ EvieJ 6 years
We did the goodies bag. We were married in the UK, and everyone who travelled to the wedding got a tote-bag with a disposable camera, a Time Out guide, and some foodie-type treats (Irn Bru, Walker's Crisps, Cadbury bars, Allsorts, Hob Nobs, that kind of thing). For local guests, we did a smaller bag with a camera and fewer snacks. On invitations: I think for a wedding, a formal (not necessarily vellum, but something written in a way that reflects the wedding) invite needs to be done. If you can't pay for the international postage (it's what, 80cents/stamp?) then you need to rethink your budget.
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