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Do Electronic Devices Affect Planes?

Do You Think Gadgets Are a Risk to Planes?

If you take a look around the next time you're on a plane, you'll notice at least one person that's on his gadget during takeoff.

Although the Federal Aviation Administration warns against leaving your gadgets on during a flight's takeoff and landing, the Wall Street Journal reveals 40 percent of people admitting to not turning off their phone completely during takeoff and landing. If electronic devices really interfere with radio signals, the WSJ says, then "navigation and communication would be disrupted every day on domestic flights. But we don't see that."

The FAA warning is apparently based on anecdotal evidence by pilots and flight attendants back in 1991 that said the devices disrupted a plane's communication and navigation equipment during takeoff and landing, and there isn't any strong scientific evidence to back up those claims.

What's your opinion — does turning off your gadget affect the plane?

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