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Do You Have the Brain of an Entrepreneur?

The idea that some people are right-brained or left-brained makes it possible to rationalize why someone isn't particularly smart in a certain subject, and new research shows this type of reasoning isn't limited to math problems and literature. A Cambridge University study found that entrepreneurs' brains have more activity in the region of the brain responsible for making "risky or hot" decisions.

The study is the first to assess entrepreneurs through neuroscience. Researchers gathered 16 successful entrepreneurs and 17 managers, and a series of tests showed entrepreneurs to be more impulsive and mentally more flexible than the managers. Because risk-taking is an essential part of the entrepreneurial process, the study hopes to identify ways to teach brains that don't have enhanced activity in the medial and orbital sectors of the prefrontal cortex to turn up that part of the brain.

Do you think the part of your brain responsible for taking risks is active enough to be an entrepreneur?


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magickofreiki magickofreiki 8 years
i wish it was, but it's definitely not active enough! my bf is an entrepreneur so I need to start listening to his advice more!
bluesteyes bluesteyes 8 years
I love security but i also try to run a minute business, well i guess one can have a bit of both? My partner is the business brain for sure, this I sometimes envy cause he's so good at what he does! Not being humble here am I, but really I ain't the first the be saying this about him. _astard! (kidding)
Spectra Spectra 8 years
I'm definitely not an entrepreneur...I am way too "safe" in my ways of thinking. I don't mind being an employee for another business. It beats potentially losing everything if your business fails.
shoppindiva shoppindiva 8 years
i guess this is why there are business owners and employees. everyone cant be an entreprenuer
fancifulfabi fancifulfabi 8 years
I'm the same way hithatsmybike, definitely not entrepreneur material! But of course having an entrepreneurial mind doesn't always mean you're guaranteed to be more successful. I know quite a few people who risked all they had on some sketchy business idea and lost everything. Personally, I'm not one to gamble.
hithatsmybike hithatsmybike 8 years
sure don't! I don't think I could ever hack it as an entrepreneur. I like safe decisions and careful, complex, sure-to-win plans. and ilanac, personality is 100% dependent on the activity of various parts of your brain. You personality is a product of brain activity, there's no separating the two.
girlgreen girlgreen 8 years
ilanac, couldn't you say that brain chemistry is what gives them that personality? i guess it's the nature vs nurture question but are you saying nature plays no part?
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
well i think that a lot of people would love to be able to say that it's a certain chemical thing in your brain that makes a person more likely to do something than it would for someone else, but i think that it's better tied to the personality of someone than how active a part of their brain is .
looseseal looseseal 8 years
I sure as hell hope so 'cause that's what I'm doing right now.
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