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The introduction of the new 90210 got me thinking about posh Beverly Hills, and with the never-gets-old theme song in mind, I went searching for information on real estate by zip code. Turns out I didn't have to look too far, because Forbes created a list of the most overpriced zip codes in the US. Forbes determined if a zip code was overpriced by looking at how much of a premium home owners pay in comparison to how much it costs to rent a similar home in the area.

  1. 10013: Tribeca, New York, NY
  2. 02111: Chinatown, Boston, MA
  3. 98104: Downtown, Seattle, WA
  4. 90038: West Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA
  5. 92103: Mission Hills, San Diego, CA
  6. 94122: Outer Sunset, San Francisco, CA
  7. 85006: Coronado, Phoenix, AZ
  8. 75209: Greenway Parks and Devonshire, Dallas, TX
  9. 97213: Rose City Park, Portland, OR
  10. 95125: Willow Glen, San Jose, CA


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sweetrae80 sweetrae80 8 years
Hmmm.....Pittsburgh, our most expensive areas are still cheaper to live in then the cheap sections of bigger cities. I live in a less expensive part of the come I still don't have any money? LOL On a side note, does anyone know anything about the cost of living in St. Petersburg FL? I'm thinking about moving there or to FL in general in a few years.
Liss1 Liss1 8 years
I live on Cape Cod (MA) Everything is over priced especially the houses. The house prices are absolutely ridiculous! We just finally bought a house we could afford and that is because it was about to be foreclosed on. It's sad because alot of the homes here are second homes to people that don't live around here and most people that have lived here all of our lives like me can't afford it anymore and have to move away.
Jude-C Jude-C 8 years
Oh, but as far as home prices go, yeah, I could see that.
Jude-C Jude-C 8 years
I live in 92103, but Hillcrest, not Mission Hills. It's not really that overpriced, as long as you don't spend too much at all the fantastic little restaurants down the street :)
k80d k80d 8 years
Seriously - the Outer Sunset? That's where broke college students live.
colormesticky colormesticky 8 years
I think all of Los Angeles county is overpriced, but hey. Call me biased.
verily verily 8 years
I'm surprised none of Chicago's suburbs are on the list.
cubadog cubadog 8 years
I can think of a million other area's of Portland, OR that are overpriced for what you get. This list is a joke.
bluebellknoll bluebellknoll 8 years
Er, Rose City Park is NOT posh in any regard. We're talking inner NE Portland - mostly lower/ middle class and blue collar. And I can believe that it's overpriced because most homes for sale on the Eastside are ridiculously expensive. I bought my house (one zipcode over from Rose City) 10+ years ago for just over 100K....I could list it on the market now for 450K. Is that nuts or what??
bellaressa bellaressa 8 years
No, thankfully.
Renees3 Renees3 8 years
just wanted to point out this isn't the most expensive places but the most overpriced for what you get!
Lovely_1 Lovely_1 8 years
I live in a postal code and yes, my city is SUEPR expensive!
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
i'm kind of surprised that mine isn't on that top list - but i'm sure that if i looked at an expanded version it would be. i live in NYC - not tribeca but on the UES so it's kind of a similar issue. also, my zip where i grew up is certainly overpriced - but i guess compared to other places in the country - it's not sooo bad.
RosaDilia RosaDilia 8 years
All of Manhattan is expensive!! My sister in law lives in Stuyvesant Town and a loaf of Italian bread cost me $4.00!!! I still bought it because we were in the middle of a last minute dinner preparation.
sh0pah0lic56 sh0pah0lic56 8 years
westchester, ny??!?! esp scarsdale cheapest houses well over a mil...
gemsera gemsera 8 years
This is very true, even in the UK. We find house prices more expensive where we live currently (renting) than near my work (40 mins east) which is silly, as they are both nice areas !
redegg redegg 8 years
Chinatown, Boston? That's a total crap area but they are slowly converting everything to lofts so maybe that's why it is expensive to buy there relative to what you get. There are other neighborhoods just down the street that are much more expensive. Interesting, though!
SussLW SussLW 8 years
I agree LilPeaPod! Other neighborhoods are much pricier. Maybe PacHeights just doesn't have enough rentals for data comaprisons? 94122 (all Sunset, not Outer) was one of the areas which had the most listings in our moderate price range. In fact, we got the most bang for our buck in the Inner Sunset (which is in 94122).
Renees3 Renees3 8 years
California is overpriced period! Maybe I'm just whiny because we're househunting haha. I've lived in some expensive places, San Diego and Santa Barbara, CA were the worst.
soapbox soapbox 8 years
My county was on the "Most expensive places to live in the US" list two years ago.
SDTransplant SDTransplant 8 years
I lived in West Hollywood for a year, but my rent was cheap because I rented a house with some other women. I'm certain though that to live by yourself or even with one other roommate with cost an arm and a leg. I spend a lot of time in Boston's Chinatown because my b/f works there and we like to eat out there, and I hear all the time about the overpriced condos that are sprouting in the area. A lot of times, these condos are built in lieu of affordable housing and the majority of the original residents are priced out. It's frustrating.
SassAndBide SassAndBide 8 years
I used to live at around # 3.. But I've moved. :P
nv27 nv27 8 years
My zipcodes not on there, thank God. The closest thing to me is W. Hollywood, which is about 20 minutes away.
chippyshero2066 chippyshero2066 8 years
Sorry Portland, Oregon.
chippyshero2066 chippyshero2066 8 years
Rosecity Park is the poshest neighborhood in Portland.Posh people from the southwest end do their shopping on the west part of portland. But however, If they're bold, they will sneak over to the east side (which is middle class, upper middle class & blue collar section to do some food shopping over on the east.
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