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Drawbacks of Performance Reviews

Are Performance Reviews Helping or Hurting Your Workplace?

We already know that working overtime can be bad for your health, but burning the midnight oil isn’t the only potentially hazardous thing about your work environment. The New York Times' Tara Parker-Pope calls out a couple other factors that contribute to major workplace stress: bad managers (duh) and performance reviews (huh?). To find out how, keep reading.

As Parker-Pope and a host of researchers point out, bad bosses and bad reviews basically go hand in hand. Performance reviews are biased, dependent almost entirely on your direct supervisor’s opinion of you. As an employee, it can be hard to distinguish between professional and personal criticism, and bad managers only blur this line further.

I had one horrible boss tell me in an annual review that I wasn’t flexible enough in the face of change. When I asked him to give me an example of how I’d been resistant to change at work, his response was, “Well, I guess this doesn’t really affect your performance at work. Think of this more as life advice.” Um, thanks, but no thanks.


What are your feelings on performance reviews? Do you think they’re hopelessly subjective, or can they be valuable coming from the right source?

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zawackirz zawackirz 7 years
Performance reviews can be effective, but in my last position, It was a one way performance review, my boss reviewed me, but I was not allowed to do any upward feedback. I don't feel a one way performance review is fair or effective and it does not empower your employees. I am not at that job anymore, thank god because I did have a "crazy" boss as everyone here is describing.
GirlOverboard GirlOverboard 7 years
I honestly feel like mandatory reviews are worthless. I can see how they're intended to be good, but really, if you have a good boss then they should be able to pull you aside privately and tell you what they want from you and, if they're just looking to make sure they have a paper trail in case it doesn't work out, document the discussion. You shouldn't have to wait 3 months to hear that you're doing your job wrong and it's now on your record.
merie33 merie33 7 years
My last boss told me I wasn't flexible enough with my schedule for them. Mind you, there was only ONE morning out of the week that I couldn't work because I take care of my little brother on that day. The other employees had 4 hours here, 3 days there that my boss had to work around, and he was upset about my 1 day. He told me that I needed to make them a priority in my life (make you a priority over my family...oook..) and he couldn't be working around my mothers schedule. All over ONE DAY. I quit a month later.
bengalspice bengalspice 7 years
it hurts ... so much. it gets me even more stressed because it makes me feel like nothing i do is good enough, and i'm already my own worst critic.
snarkypants snarkypants 7 years
we don't them. it really hurts us.
skigurl skigurl 7 years
I had mine yesterday, and it went smashingly ;) However, I do get nervous and feel like sometimes it could be a bad thing if you have a crazy boss or something.
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