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This morning I took a little bit more time getting ready, putting more effort into picking an outfit and dabbing on some eyeliner. Normally, I would just put on a pair of glasses, grab whatever clean clothes I have, and rush off to work. Now that I look a little bit more polished, I suddenly feel more productive (although the morning coffee probably helped!).This makes me think that there is some truth behind the "dress for the job you want" advice.

I'm not saying you have to look like a beauty queen, but even just spending a little bit more time during your morning routine might make you look more well turned out. Do you feel that you get more work done when you try harder with your appearance?

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gumdrops334 gumdrops334 6 years
I definitely think dressing cute makes me more confident and therefore more productive. However, if the outfit is uncomfortable, I can feel distracted and be therefore less productive. The key is finding cute outfits that are comfy. Good example: a tunic dress and leggings! (we're pretty casual where I work)
RoaringSilence RoaringSilence 6 years
I think dressing up and putting on nice makeup does make me more productive, of course unless it's work like gardening, where I wouldn't want to mess anything up. On the other hand, if I know I look a little off one day, I feel like it inhibits me, like if I know I should have washed my hair before leaving etc. And yes, working in my PJs is the worst. I have stopped doing that completely.
Emily-Co Emily-Co 6 years
@pwest99 Million bucks is right! I find that when I'm doing work in my PJs (when I'm working from home), I feel a little less energized than normal. So definitely putting in effort to clean up a little makes a big difference!
amber512 amber512 6 years
I actually get less work done because I don't like deep cleaning or going through things when I'm all made up. I have rosacea and my face turns red easily from even a minimal amount of work.
pwest99 pwest99 6 years
I don't know if I'm more productive, but I certainly feel better!! I've never been one to leave the house, on any occasion, looking like I made no effort. I take pride in looking clean, decent and approachable. And when I do a little extra, I feel like a million bucks all day!!!
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