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Eco-Friendly Gift Wrap Ideas

19 Ideas For Greening Your Gift Wrap

For a devoted recycler, Christmas can be downright painful, with its piles and piles of wrapping paper, discarded holiday cards, ribbons, gift tags, and of course, the now-dead Christmas tree. Luckily, getting creative with your gift wrap can result in eco-friendly — and clever — ideas. Below are 19 ideas — some super earth-friendly, others just a little — to get your creative gift wrap going.

  • Upcycle paper grocery bags as gift wrap and decorate with natural materials.
  • Print out old family photos, wrap a box lid, then reuse the box year after year.
  • Make gift tags by cutting last year's Christmas cards into fun shapes.
  • Save your turkey's wishbone and make this gold wishbone DIY as decoration.

Source: Upcycling
  • Wrap gifts with items you'd normally discard: Bubble Wrap, shopping bags, newspaper.
  • Make gift tags out of old playing cards or baseball cards.
  • Use an old map as wrapping paper and mark the recipient's hometown with a paint pen.

Read on for 12 more ideas.

  • Let the wrapping also be a gift! Ideas include small purses, tote bags, sports bottles, dish towels, baskets, and flowerpots.
  • Invest in reusable containers like fabric bags and tins.
  • Gift a plant and wrap it in a burlap bag.

  • Wrap gifts in kraft paper and use a paint pen to decorate with "bows," gift tags, and other designs.
  • Identify the gift with a personalized Christmas ornament instead of a gift tag.
  • Let the decoration be part of the gift. Think ornaments, jewelry, small toys, pencils, and headbands.

  • Save pretty boxes from previous purchases and wrap them without paper. Candle boxes are great for this!
  • Make a tower of gifts with a single tie and tag: this is a good way to present related gifts, like parts of an outfit.
  • Use stamps on kraft paper instead of gift tags.

  • Choose one gift wrap for each family member, eliminating the need for tags. Don't reveal which paper corresponds with which person until it's time to open!
  • Wrap gifts of towels, napkins, or handkerchiefs by simply tying them with a satiny ribbon or raffia.
  • Package small gifts in a mug: a "boss" mug with PayDay candy bars, a sports mug with envelopes of Gatorade, a college mug with pushpins and pens and gift cards, or a sport team mug with tickets to a game.

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