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The recession that's been threatening countries across the globe hasn't stopped consumers from going out for drinks, smoking cigarettes, or chewing on candy. Most people aren't giving up buying any of these items, despite the general rise in cost of living due to more expensive mortgages and soaring food prices.

The news goes to support the time-tested theory that sin stocks — stocks of companies that are in businesses like gambling and liquor — are usually money-making investments during tough economic times. And while chocolate isn't necessarily considered sinful, it does offer cheap comfort when money is tight.


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jen1975 jen1975 9 years
In times of great economic distress, sometimes life just won't seem worth living if you can't even have a candybar. There's only so much you can cut before you wonder why you even bother.
bigestivediscuit bigestivediscuit 9 years
I seriously don't know how people afford cigarettes. They're so freaking expensive!!! I think it's more expensive than a coffee habit. It's such a waste of money and a sure way to an earlier death. My weaknesses are candy and magazines, I think ... but I've really learned to cut down and only treat myself once in a while.
ilanac13 ilanac13 9 years
i think that it's just an example of how people's vices can't be squashed. the cost of cigarettes here in NYC is INSANE yet my fiance who smokes (which i HATE) - he still buys ciggs and that money could be much bette spent. i think about it and it's over $10 a pack i think - or something crazy like that - and yet he still forks over the money. the same thing goes for people who like to have a few drinks - or like their candy. the money could be used better - but it's more important to have life's guilty pleasures.
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