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Enter to Win SavvySugar's Choose Your Summer Getaway

Enter Our Choose Your Summer Getaway Giveaway

Are you sitting at work, dreaming of where you'd like to spend those long Summer days? You're in luck, because SavvySugar has teamed up with DailyWorth and CheapOair to make your getaway wishes come true.

What's better than a free vacation? A free vacation at your choice of three dreamy destinations. Do you want to feel the adrenaline on Las Vegas's streets or gawk at the bay views of San Francisco? Just maybe you want to feel the hot sands of Miami on your feet. Enter to win two round-trip tickets, a three-night hotel stay, and $750 in spending money to take you where your heart desires.

In addition, we'll be serving up tips on how to save for your Summer travel and how to find the best vacation deals. Enter below by May 28 to win your Summer getaway, and you'll be one step closer to getting there.
This giveaway has ended.

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Lisa14856834 Lisa14856834 5 years
lol a getaway any where!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
aprilcbc aprilcbc 5 years
San Fransico would be wonderful to visit!
Jovijune Jovijune 5 years
I just finished chemo after a year because of breast cancer!  I need a break would luv to go to Vegas!!  
Lisa14856834 Lisa14856834 5 years
I need vacation Lasvegas would be great!!!!!!!!!
rludy rludy 5 years
I love SF it is my favorite city.
Jovijune Jovijune 5 years
I just got finished with a year of chemo because of breast cancer.  I really need a vacation!
Roslynn2736125 Roslynn2736125 5 years
this year I really want to take my vacation but too bad I don't have enough money to travel. I hope I'll be the next winner for the getaway, that will be really make me more happy. good luck to me!!!!!
danabug77 danabug77 5 years
I just ran three miles to get a Starbucks non fat, no foam, triple shot latte with room for cream for my co-worker who was injured while saving a beached whale from certain death. I gave up my place in line at the grocery store to a woman who was carrying twins and had four young children in tow, ages 1-8. She did not say thank you, but I know she appreciated my help by the look in her desperate eyes. I helped an elderly man who was stuck by getting behind his car and pushing until he could gain traction. He said he owed me his life. I then went on to find the engagement ring the frantic twenty year old bride to be misplaced by dropping it in the shower of the gym locker room. She offered a reward, but I refused because I feel it is reward enough to help others. Before going to bed, I heard a strange sound coming from the parking lot just outside my one bedroom apartment building. It was a woman being assaulted by a drunken man. I called the police and immediately went out and put myself between the terrified woman and her would be assailant. After filing a report and bringing the rattled woman into my home for hot cocoa and a warm blanket, I slept like a baby until the middle of the night, when I was awakened by the fire alarm of my apartment building. The apartment next to mine was ablaze, so I immediately ran in to save the cats of the lady who lives there and has no other relatives.   After two hours of sleep, I came in to work to find that all of my files had been corrupted and the project I have been working on for 6 months has been completely destroyed. I had planned to back it up today.   I could really use a vacation.  :-)      
Lancenashley Lancenashley 5 years
I would love to win a vacation. My husband and I got married last year..... No money for a wedding so we JP'd and with our current finances we probably won't be able to takea vacation or honeymoon for a long time..... Winning this would be a treat for both of us.
Nalane2732608 Nalane2732608 5 years
I am in debt consolidation and will be for 3 more years and i could use a vacation. It  would be great to just forget about my money problems. It would be awesome to have spending money too. This is a fantastic giveaway. The hardest part is picking where to  go. I would pick San Francisco. I have never been there and it looks like a great place to go. 
sadams211 sadams211 5 years
My fiance and I are looking to take a honeymoon and this would be a great  to go to Vegas!
pamlovesart pamlovesart 5 years
@my daughter deserves a vacation  
Kay2732271 Kay2732271 5 years
I work 12 hours a day and deal with thel public every day and I would love to have a vacation.wining one is the only way I could have one.. Kayla
Onehsancare Onehsancare 5 years
I've never been to Miami!
marisarubin marisarubin 5 years
I've never went to Las Vegas before!
Lisa14856834 Lisa14856834 5 years
Tabitha2728435 Tabitha2728435 5 years
A onces in a life time trip.
Lisa14856834 Lisa14856834 5 years
MY UBBY ANDSON REAL COULD USE SOME REAL FUN I HAVE never won a getaway wow it WOULD BE A GREAT1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TIE WE COULD US IT!!!!!!!!
Jean2727191 Jean2727191 5 years
I would love to win this prize.  I have been trying to win a prize with sweepsheet but so far no price has been my fate.
Debby2726113 Debby2726113 5 years
I still want to travel to Aussiland, but in the meantime...
Gena2725147 Gena2725147 5 years
I have always wanted to see San Francisco. How often is it that you actually see a give-away with round trip airfare. I could so use this trip. Thanks for the chance.
Tina2724400 Tina2724400 5 years
I could so use a vacation. I believe the last vacation I had was to Hershey Park in the summer of 1999. It was miserably hot 100+ degrees, with my three toddlers and 8 months pregnant with number four.  OMG,  what a trip. I am now the single mother of five sons, and it has not been an easy job.  A getaway would be Grrreat!!
muffinsmom48 muffinsmom48 5 years
Retirees don't get too many vacations like many people may think!  You work your whole life for what?  The economy took a dive so now it's my husband of 41 yrs., and me looking for p/t jobs.  A vacation would truly be a blessing.
Kayla2723621 Kayla2723621 5 years
omg I need a vacation so bad.This would just make my decade.ha
bouncyjiggler bouncyjiggler 5 years
I have my in-laws living with me the ENTIRE summer and desperately need to get away! Help!
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