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Extreme Ways to Save Money

6 Extreme Ways to Scrimp and Save

It's one thing to do little acts to save such as bringing lunch to work every day or skipping the Starbucks latte, but enacting a lifestyle change to save dollars takes a lot of dedication and may seem more trouble than it's worth. CNN listed a number of real-life penny-pinching examples from super savers. Here are some of the more unique ones:

  • Raising pigs for food. Geoff Overland currently has 13 pigs. His family started raising pigs to save money on pork. He believes he's producing meat for about $1.50 a pound compared to the store prices of $3.50 to $6.
  • Live at the office. An anonymous reader is saving money on rent and commuting by sleeping in his car and office. He takes a shower in his office gym and has an office room to himself, which he furnishes with a cot and a mini fridge.
  • Becoming "quasi-Amish." Beaten down by a bankruptcy and foreclosure, Mike Hammack and his wife moved to the "middle of nowhere" and live in a mobile home. He farms for his own food and rides a horse to town to save money on gas. Mike makes money by selling chickens, eggs, goats, and cows. He is saving $40,000 a year.
  • Make kids pay for meals. In order to save money on vacations, John Synder and his wife have their kids pay for half of the cost of dinner. The child who is paying for the night gets to pick the restaurant. He says this saves him about $50 a night. On the plus side, this cost-cutting method is teaching their kids good financial behavior, John says.
  • Use vegetable oil for fuel. To battle high gas prices, James Bauernschmidt started making his own biodiesel from vegetable oil and he gets the oil free from restaurants that want to get rid of it. This is saving him about $600 to $900 a year.
  • Skip dinners. Maya Speights uses this tactic to save money and lose weight. She says she is simply "reversing how people eat" by having a normal breakfast and a really large lunch instead of an average-sized lunch and a big dinner. Her office pays for her lunches so she's saving money on her afternoon meals and basically only paying for one meal a day. She used to spend $100 every week and a half, but is now only spending $30 every two weeks.

These are all pretty extreme ways to save extra cash — can you relate to any of them?

Image Source: Thinkstock
Alexandra3371997 Alexandra3371997 5 years
First get rid of all your towels buy 2 sponges 1 for dishes and 1 for bathing. dry off with sponge never wash towels again and use less water
RoaringSilence RoaringSilence 6 years
Raising pigs for food - I do not believe my time is worth the money I would save by raising animals. Live at the office - I can relate to the staying at the office. Sounds no more uncomfortable than army barracks. This only works though if you don't have a family, or friends, or like to cook. And cooking saves a lot of money vs. microwave meals, not to mention how much healthier it can be. Becoming "quasi-Amish." - Again, farming takes SO much time. If you can spend that time working a modern job and make money, why not do it? It's not like having a farm automatically means you'll be a successful businessman. Make kids pay for meals. - I'm not sure what age those kids are. If they're not making their own money anywhere, doesn't it all come from the parents, anyway? I think this isn't a good idea. Especially because I don't think most kids value eating at restaurants tremendously, and they probably don't have the choice to just stay home. I have heard of parents making kids pay for half of an expensive toy or something, but that's something the kid would actually want. Use vegetable oil for fuel - Heck yeah, I know many people who got diesel cars and use free oil they get from businesses. Skip dinners - I eat very little when I'm by myself (for example when my husband is on a business trip). I can't make another person do that though lol
lickety-split lickety-split 6 years
i considered living at the office (before marriage & kids). i think that one would be do-able. the makeing the kids pay for dinner option is offensive to me. children shouldn't feel the pressure to provide for anyones basic needs. he sounds like a jerk.
shannrose shannrose 6 years
The only one that makes some sense is Maya Speights with the skipping dinners. It's common knowledge that the most healthy diet consists of a breakfast, large lunch, and small dinner, rather than a smaller lunch and larger dinner. Nonetheless, I don't know that skipping dinner altogether all the time is great for you either!
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