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Failed Business Names

Unbelievable Business-Name Fails — Real and Fake

You're not the only one reeling over the news that Blockbuster will be shutting down all its stores. But instead of mourning, we must think of all the good times (shout-out to those nights spent browsing VHS rentals with a pack of Twizzlers in hand) and, of course, find the humor in it all. Thanks to the Comedy Central show Midnight, the Twitterverse has been coming up with other businesses that will never succeed, Blockbuster-style. The names are fake, of course, but lo and behold: we also found some real-life photo examples that are just as cringe-worthy. See 'em to believe 'em.

Real: Hitler

Source: Getty

No joke, the owner thought the name was catchy.

Fake: Foot Licker

How's that for an icky visual?

Real: Dr. Siegal's Cookie Diet

Cookie diet = worst idea ever.

Real: Herpes Pizza

Can we please find the person responsible for this?

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Fake: Bed Bugs and Beyond

Bed bugs are never funny — except in this case.

Real: Pho King

Someone thought really hard about that one.

Real: Stubbs Prosthetics & Orthotics, Inc.

Oh boy.

Fake: Break-a-Bear Workshop

More for parents than for kids.

Real: Phat Cribs Realty

Only for people who dreamt of being on MTV 10 years ago.

Real: Teacher's Touch Day Care


Fake: Crate and Bowel

Gross and good at the same time.

Real: Just Wallpaper

Aka a recipe for boarded-up windows.

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