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What Do You Think of Buying Knockoffs?

I just read an adamant argument against buying cheap knockoffs from Daily Finance. Writer Loren Berlin says that it is illegal, supports child labor, and can be hazardous to your health. In fact, Kevin Spreekmeester, the marketing vice president for outdoor clothing retailer Canada Goose, says that the fake jackets sometimes are stuffed with chicken parts. "It's feathers; it's beaks; it's feet. Covered in feces, covered in mildew, covered in bacteria," Spreekmeester says.

Buying counterfeit products might mean that you're not getting quality goods, which may hurt your health. "The wrong UV protection can really damage the eyes. Also, lenses can change the perception of color. You may not properly recognize colors when you're in the car at a stoplight," says Stefano Orsini of the Luxottica Group, which owns Ray-Ban and Oakley.

I have to admit that I bought a pair of counterfeit luxury-brand sunglasses without thinking of the repercussions. However, I use it more as a fashion accessory than as an item to protect my eyes, so I think I might be fine on the health end. Reading about the guy who died from getting an electric shock from a knockoff phone makes me think twice about purchasing a fake good again. What do you think of buying knockoffs?

Source: Flickr User autoreverse tiramisù

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graduatedsqueaks graduatedsqueaks 5 years
There's a lot of shady stuff that happens behind the scenes for making counterfeit items. Often times low-wage workers in sweatshops make the items. Plus it is often low quality, not worth the price. And I've heard that sometimes criminal organizations will use money made from selling these items to fund their groups.
enginerdette enginerdette 5 years
I have knowingly purchased a fake item once... It was a Chanel bag that broke the next day (ironically) at a real Chanel store. Sometimes you get what you pay for...
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