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Fake Reviews on Yelp

Have You Seen Many Fake Yelp Reviews?

Sometimes, when I looking at restaurants or businesses on Yelp, the glowing five-star reviews left by users with very little history makes me a bit suspicious. A piece in The New York Times addressed the issue of people hiring themselves out as Amazon and Yelp reviewers to make some extra bucks. There are actually review factories that hire writers and other individuals to churn out positive pieces for their clients. “We were not asked to provide a five-star review, but would be asked to turn down an assignment if we could not give one,” says freelance writer Sarah Parker, who was hired to write reviews on Amazon.

Although there are researchers who are working on algorithms that may do a better job of getting rid of these spam reviews, there is still a long way to go. Apparently, one of the signs of a fake review is using "I" and "me" too much, and having a vague description as if they haven't actually used the product or been to the establishment. What do you think — have you come across a lot of dubious Yelp reviews?

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greaseupnbutt greaseupnbutt 4 years
It hurts at first but then it feels good.
bluebellknoll bluebellknoll 5 years
5-0-1s and orange heads.
amber512 amber512 5 years
The worst are the fake reviews on ! You can totally tell when 99% of the reviews are about how horrible the place is and then there will randomly be 2-3 GLOWING reviews posted one right after another.
enginerdette enginerdette 5 years
Fake yelp reviewers usually have few or no friends, and all 5-star reviews. The English usually sounds really dry and without personality. Also, if a Groupon just comes out for the place, there will be a suspicious amount of positive reviews that come out in the few days/weeks before the review comes out.
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