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Favorite Tips of 2009: 9 Ways to Save Time and Be More Productive

We're counting down to the new year by taking a look back at the very Best of 2009, and that includes your favorite tips and tricks for managing your career and money.

Topping the list of helpful pointers is my 9 Ways to Save Time and Be More Productive guide. Nearly everyday I hear a co-worker sigh and say, "It's 5:30! OMG! How did that happen?!" Truth be told there aren't always enough hours in the day to complete your tasks. Take a look back at these basic tips, which will you save a few minutes here and there and encourage you to keep up your momentum through the day.

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DCBaxter DCBaxter 7 years
When I look at the clock and say "OMG, it's 5:30, how did that happen?," nine times out of 10 it's because I've been reading Sugar websites all afternoon! Aside from that, these are great tips!
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