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Older Women Become Roomies to Cut Costs

Here's another trend to add onto our list of baffling effects of the recession: more single women over fifty are moving in with roomies they find through their version of Craigslist, according to SmartMoney. They are turning to agents who work for home-sharing companies that specialize in matching these golden girls up. One reason for this shift is financial necessity, and another is pure loneliness. Moving in together with someone gives these women a sense of comfort and a chance to socialize, says Ken Dychtwald, an expert who studies aging. Dychtwald predicts that numbers of older women living together "will unquestionably multiply in years to come."

This burgeoning trend sounds like it can be a good idea if the pair-up is right. After all, you certainly don't want to deal with nightmare roommates when you're facing retirement issues!

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Spectra Spectra 6 years
Looks like Blanche, Rose, and Dorothy were ahead of their time. My grandma doesn't have a roommate, but she lives in a retirement community where she can hang out with other women her age all the time. She said that if she hadn't moved there before my grandpa died, she would have a roommate to save money.
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