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Food Expiration Date Apps

A Genius Way to Save Money on Groceries

We've all been there — you go to make a meal and realize your vegetables expired last week and you have to toss them all out. That feeling of having wasted food (and money) isn't a good one, and it's even worse when it happens all the time. That's where these pretty genius apps step in to make sure that never happens again. Soggy spinach be gone!

Fridge Pal

Fridge Pal (free) is a new app that promises to keep track of food so you use it on time. When you're at the market, you're able to scan the barcodes of the grocery items, which go into a virtual refrigerator or pantry. If the food doesn't have a barcode, you can still manually input the information. You'll see the expiration date and get reminders when something is about to go bad. Now you'll have no excuses for letting that pricey cheese go to waste.


Much like Fridge Pal, Freshbox (free) reminds you before food expires once you upload the production and expiration dates. What to do about certain items (lettuce, for example) that don't come with that info to begin with? Freshbox provides the recommended shelf life for fruits, veggies, and more. Another bonus is that you can keep track of other expiration-prone items like medicine and makeup.

Shelf Life

What we love about Shelf Life ($2) is that it doesn't just remind you before something is set to expire. It breaks down food into different statuses ranging from "fresh" to "past its prime," and more. Each status is determined by a color — green means good to eat, orange means there's still a little time left before it needs to be thrown out. The lesson here: whatever you do, don't let your food get to red.

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