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59 Beautiful Wedding Favor Printables to Download For Free!

Mar 1 2017 - 10:30am

It's no secret that wedding [1] costs can add up fast. But we have a secret of our own: downloadable wedding labels! These labels are the perfect addition to any party favor, from almonds to matches to a spa scrub. And did we mention they're free? Keep on scrolling for our roundup of some of the best wedding favor printables on the web that will have your bank account thanking you!

Source: Lia Griffith [2]

Personalized Matchbook Wedding Favors

These matchbook labels [3] are a new take on a traditional party favor.

Source: Lia Griffith [4]

The Happily-Ever-After Jar

These mason jar labels [5] are the perfect way to personalize a wedding [6] favor. Try putting inspiring quotes on the inside!

Source: The Pretty Blog [7]

Rustic Jam Jar Favor Labels

The "Spread the Love" quote on this label is adorable! These rustic jam favor labels [8] will have your guests feeling loved.

Source: The Elli Blog [9]

Wedding Favor Box and Tags

These party favors are the whole package! The Elli Blog [10] provides downloadable templates for the gift box, round gift tabs, and blush paper rose so you can make your favors all with the click of a button.

Source: The Elli Blog [11]

Hot Sauce Wedding Favors

Are you a fan of hot sauce? Then these party favors will be the perfect addition to "spice up" your special day. Something Turquoise [12] provides printable labels (and a hot sauce recipe!) for a saucy wedding [13] favor.

Source: Something Turquoise [14]

Lavender and Red Wedding Labels

These round labels [15] can be personalized with the bride and groom's names! The labels (and the goodies inside) are quite sweet.

Source: Martha Stewart Weddings [16]

Personalized Seed Packets

These seed packets can double as a place card and party favor! Martha Stewart Wedding [17] comes up with a party favor perfect for the bride with a green thumb.

Source: Martha Stewart Weddings [18]

Seed Tin Favor Labels

These seed-filled tins [19] will let each guest create their own garden once they return home!

Source: Martha Stewart Weddings [20]

Spring Motif Tags

Looking for a more traditional party favor? These labels [21] will be perfect at your wedding [22] on anything from almonds to matches.

Source: Martha Stewart Weddings [23]

Tea Bag Tag

Give your guests the gift of tea! These tea-bag-inspired labels [24] are perfect for a box of tea and biscuits.

Source: Martha Stewart Weddings [25]

Paper Bag Favor Labels

A paper bag for a wedding [26] favor? Why not! These wedding favor labels [27] bring a pop of red to any bag. It's affordable and you can put practically anything in it!

Source: Flights of Fancy [28]

"Scrub Sweet Scrub" Label

After a weekend of wedding [29] festivities, your guests will need some relaxation. Treat them to a spa scrub [30] with a personalized label.

Source: Wedding Chicks [31]

Vintage Lemonade Labels

Whether you're hosting your wedding [32] in a barn or a country club, any guest will appreciate a bottle of lemonade! Add these labels [33] onto any bottle to bring a vintage feel to your party favor.

Source: J. Bartyn Design & Manufacturing [34]

Fancy Favor Tags

This timeless thank you tag [35] can dress up an otherwise plain box.

Source: DIY Network [36]

Silhouette Wedding Monogram

If you're looking for a monogram to attach to your party favors, we've found the perfect thing. These silhouette monograms [37] will add a personal touch to anything you give your guests.

Source: Wedding Chicks [38]

Vintage-Themed Wedding Labels by Cathe Holden

These vintage wedding labels [39] are beautifully traditional with two tones of blue.

Source: World Label [40]

Round Labels in a Vintage Style

These round labels [41] go perfectly with any favor! Bonus: you can even personalize them.

Source: World Label [42]

Seahorse Monogram

The seahorses on these stickers have us swooning! These monogram stickers [43] are done in a beautiful blue color and go with practically any wedding [44] favor.

Source: Wedding Chicks [45]

Wedding Goodie Bags

These goodie bags are instantly dressed up with these beautiful thank you notes [46]. Add a ribbon for the final touch.

Source: Wedding Chicks [47]

Tea Bag Boxes by Benign Objects

All of your guests will appreciate a box of herbal tea bags, especially if they have these personalized tags [48]!

Source: Wedding Chicks [49]

Spa Kit Wedding Favor Labels

Looking to treat your guests to a party favor that promises some relaxation? These spa kit stickers [50] go perfectly with any spa scrub, lotion, or pampering potion!

Source: Lia Griffith [51]

Chalkboard Tags

These chalkboard-inspired tags [52] will tell your guests that your love is all it's "chalked" up to be.

Source: Wedding Chicks [53]

Kitchen Tea Tags

These beautiful tea-inspired tags [54] will attach to any mason jar, goodie bag, or party favor! They are the perfect finishing touch for a prim and proper bride.

Source: The Pretty Blog [55]

Lip Balm Wedding Favors

"Our love is the BALM!" is what these cute labels [56] read. Put them onto your favorite lip balm for a personal and useful wedding [57] favor!

Source: Something Turquoise [58]

Flower Toss Favors

Guests always love to be involved in the wedding [59]. Give them these small bags of flower petals to toss on the bride and groom after they say their vows! Close the bag with these stickers [60] for the finishing touch.

Source: Something Turquoise [61]

Favor Boxes

If you're looking for a simple wedding [62] favor, we've found just the thing! These white favor boxes [63] are elegant and simple.

Source: Martha Stewart Weddings [64]

Custom Vintage Letter Monograms

A free custom monogram? Yes, you heard that right. These vintage monograms [65] can be printed on labels of all shapes and sizes to go perfectly with your wedding [66] favor.

Source: Wedding Chicks [67]

Paper Airplane Monogram

Paper airplanes bring a youthfulness to these monograms that will have anyone feeling young and in love! Attach these monograms [68] to any party favor for a playful vibe.

Source: Wedding Chicks [69]

Chic Party Labels by Falala Designs

The polka dots and pink color palette of these labels [70] will bring a youthful and playful feeling to any wedding [71] favor.

Source: World Label [72]

Fall Gift Labels by Lia Griffith

Hosting a wedding [73] in October? These Fall-inspired labels [74] are perfect for any autumnal wedding.

Source: World Label [75]

Chalkboard Labels by Lia Griffith

We are in love with the chalkboard aesthetic these days. These chalkboard labels [76] go with practically anything! Just download the template to start labeling.

Source: World Label [77]

Vintage Round Labels by Cathe Holden

These round labels by Cathe Holden [78] are set in a beautiful green with a traditional motif.

Source: World Labels [79]

Formal Crest Custom Monogram

This beautiful crested monogram [80] can be used to label any party favor (or even a menu!). We can't believe that it's free!

Source: Wedding Chicks [81]

Silhouette Monogram

A silhouette monogram? Sign us up! These elegant silhouette monograms [82] go perfectly on top of a goodie box for all your guests.

Source: Wedding Chicks [83]

Nautical Monogram

Hosting your wedding [84] by the sea? These nautical-themed monograms [85] will have all of your guests feeling the ocean vibes.

Source: Wedding Chicks [86]

"Spoil Yourself" Bath Salt Packaging

Any guest will appreciate some bath salts after a long night of dancing at your wedding [87]. Give them an adorable spa kit with bath salt labels [88] so that they can "spoil" themselves.

Source: The Pretty Blog [89]

Chalkboard Monogram Stickers

We can't get enough of these chalkboard-inspired labels. [90]

Source: The Elli Blog [91]

Tea Favor Tags with Monograms

Looking to top off your wedding [92] with some tea and biscuits? Give a box of tea bags and cookies to your guests with these monogram labels [93]. It'll add the perfect touch to your perfect day!

Source: Martha Stewart Weddings [94]

Bright and Peppy Wedding Favor Labels

These bright and peppy labels [95] (along with the knots) were inspired by a striped button-down shirt and French-knot cuff links. These labels are perfect for any preppy bride!

Source: Martha Stewart Weddings [96]

Charming and Old-Fashioned Wedding Favor Boxes

These adorable boxes [97] can be printed and assembled all on your own. Small chocolates fit perfectly!

Source: Martha Stewart Weddings [98]

Striking and Glamorous Monogram Labels

With these simple monogram stickers [99], your party favors will exude elegance! Once you download the template, you can customize it with the initial(s) of your choice.

Source: Martha Stewart Weddings [100]

Matchbox Covers

Did you know that matchboxes have been given as wedding [101] favors for decades? Keep the tradition alive with these matchbook covers [102] with a fun design on the front.

Source: Martha Stewart Weddings [103]

Monogram Labels

Whether you're keeping your maiden name or not, these monograms [104] will have you putting your initial everywhere! They can be used as stickers or as a sweet card for the wedding [105] favors.

Source: Martha Stewart Weddings [106]

"Eat" Wedding Favor Labels

These "eat" wedding favor labels [107] will satisfy any guest with a sweet tooth.

Source: Martha Stewart Weddings [108]

Striped Wedding Favor Tags

Candles are a practical yet beautiful party favor that will delight any guest. These cute striped labels [109] can be personalized for each guest and also double as place cards!

Source: Martha Stewart Weddings [110]

Lace Tag

These lace tags [111] are set in a beautiful and elegant blue. The lace design might even match your wedding [112] dress!

Source: Martha Stewart Weddings [113]

Pretty Tags and Labels

Whether you're a pink lover or having a summer wedding [114], these labels and tags [115] will be perfect! Just click download to get started.

Source: Martha Stewart Weddings [116]

Thank You Tags

These bright labels [117] are simple yet beautiful. They're the perfect way to say thank you to guests who attended your special day!

Source: Betsy White [118]

Candy Bar Wedding Favors

Looking for a fun way to give chocolate to your guests? These personalized wrappers [119] are the perfect thing!

Source: Intimate Weddings [120]

Vintage Framed Labels by Cathe Holden

These vintage framed labels [121] are in bright, fun colors and go with everything!

Source: World Label [122]

Wedding Printables

These wedding labels [123] are great. We especially like the "Thank You" sticker — the green is to die for!

Source: Miss Cutie Pie [124]

Antique Custom Monograms

These antique custom monograms [125] are traditional and elegant. They would go great on top of any party favor box.

Source: Wedding Chicks [126]

Victorian Letter Wedding Labels

If you're looking for something dainty, these Victorian-inspired labels [127] can be customized with your initial. They go perfectly on a ribbon or even on top of dessert!

Source: Wedding Chicks [128]

Birds and Banner Custom Monograms

This beautiful monogram [129] is elegant and simple. You can include the initials of you and your fiancé as well as the date of your wedding [130]!

Source: Wedding Chicks [131]

Fancy Custom Monograms

These thank you cards with a personalized monogram [132] are elegant and simple. Put them on a wedding [133] favor for the ultimate touch!

Source: Wedding Chicks [134]

Vintage Custom Wedding Monogram

These vintage monograms [135] come in vivid colors and include the date of your wedding [136]. We still can't believe this design is free!

Source: Wedding Chicks [137]

Free Champagne Printable

Everyone loves some bubbly! Give your guests the ultimate gift with a nice bottle of champagne. To personalize it, use these adorable labels [138] from Wedding Chicks.

Source: Wedding Chicks [139]

Candy Bar Template

If you have a sweet tooth, giving your guests some sugar is a great idea for a wedding [140] favor. These candy bar labels [141] are inspired by traditional carnivals and can be customized with your names and wedding [142] date.

Source: Wedding Chicks [143]

Muah and Mustache Favor Tag

If you're looking to show off your funny side, these lips and mustache tags [144] are for you!

Source: Wedding Chicks [145]

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