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12 Chores You Can Pay Someone Else to Do — and What They Cost

We can't all be celebrities and pay personal assistants to do mundane chores we dread doing. However, you can hire someone to do one-off tasks: the website TaskRabbit hooks up those looking to pay for assistance with people who want to earn money for chores. When I was looking through the website, I discovered pretty much every imaginable task you can think of. Here are some examples:

  • Ikea delivery: The most common recent Ikea delivery transactions have been completed for about $16 to $35.
  • Ikea assembly: One of the most tiresome things about Ikea furniture is putting it together. The most popular historical price according to TaskRabbit data is $45.
  • Grocery delivery: Recent listings have offered at least $12 for grocery delivery, but the most common asking price range seems to be around $20 to $30
  • Help moving heavy stuff: The most common task price for help with "heavy-lifting" moving is $40, according to TaskRabbit's historical data.
  • Transcription: A lister offered to pay $10 to $15 to transcribe a four-minute YouTube video.
  • Donation pickup: People have recently arranged for donation pickups for at least $11.
  • Selling stuff on Craigslist: Can't be bothered with listing items on Craigslist? TaskRabbit's historical data for Craigslist assistance listings show that the most common going rate is $45.
  • Research: One example offered to pay $42 to $58 to a TaskRabbiter to research a list of about 400 artists and their biographic information.

Read on for more.

  • Organizing home: A taskrabbiter helped one woman organize her small apartment for $124 to $170. She basically spent seven hours doing tasks like organizing and rearranging closet space, sorting closet items into donation, throw-away, sell, and keep piles. She also organized shelving units, coordinated the drop-off for the items to be donated, listed items on Craigslist, and dusted and cleaned several items.
  • Unfollow uninteresting Twitter accounts: A lister offered $28 to $38 to have someone unfollow uninteresting Twitter accounts and to reduce his followed accounts from 22,000 users to 5,000.
  • Honeymoon research: One couple had asked for a list of suggested highly researched honeymoon locations for $17 to $23. Look for more examples of vacation-planning task listings here.
  • Pet sit: A lister requested someone's assistance with playing with three kittens for half an hour. The going price for this task was $8 to $13.

If you're willing to do these chores for a price, TaskRabbit might be a great place to start making some side income!

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