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Many people tend to skip meals before a buffet, just so they can chow down more food. In fact, in a recent Are You a Penny Pincher SavvySugar poll, 39 percent said they skip a meal before a buffet and 20 percent said they do that occasionally. Reader  disagrees with that mentality and shares her buffet tip:

Actually, you're supposed to eat before a buffet! just something small! If you don't eat at all, your stomach stays "small" and at the buffet, you don't end up eating much if you've actually prepared your stomach to "stretch" by eating earlier, then you can eat more! At least, that's what I've heard and this is actually how it works for me!

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pharm_chick pharm_chick 6 years
i actually think buffets are a waste of money, because no matter how hungry i am when i first enter the restaurant, i end up eating a little then getting full... and it would prob be cheaper to just order an entree off the menu
onlysourcherry onlysourcherry 6 years
I agree skigurl, this is gross! I would think you'd "get more for your money" by getting small portions of everything and enjoying the variety. Trying to cram as much into your mouth as possible just seems uncomfortable.
skigurl skigurl 6 years
I agree, this is true, but I also agree you're a glutton and a cheapskate if you PREP for a buffet so you can eat as much as possible. Eat until you are full and then stop. People are gross!?!
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