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Students that planned to make a career in finance are still hopeful the market will bounce back up and they will find positions.

Wall Street recruiters have canceled or postponed visits to elite universities like Harvard, Princeton and Stanford, because of the state of the markets, according to the New York Times. Still, business and finance students at schools across the US said they were not panicked about their futures and were confident that the financial markets would recover.

What's the backup plan? One student from Princeton said everyone is "studying for the LSATs right now, people who a month ago had no intention of ever going to law school.” Other students say they plan to look in different sectors or several areas to improve their chances of finding a job instead of specializing in one like they might have before the turn of the market.


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kathili kathili 8 years
That's interesting....I go to Princeton and a lot of seniors I know are still looking into finance jobs. Overall the feed into finance jobs doesn't seem to have lessened much, and companies like Merrill Lynch, JP Morgan, Goldman, etc are still visiting.
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
well i guess that everyone needs something to fall back on - but i think that something to consider aside from the LSATs is that they could look to focus on Euro business - like i did- i majored in foreign economics since i wanted to work overseas, and that could be something to consider. not EVERYONE's economy is doing poorly and there are opportunities within the EU i'd imagine.
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