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GMC Sierra Denali Pickup Truck Camping Kit Review

How a Pickup Truck Took My Festival Camping to the Next Level

GMC Sierra Denali Pickup Truck Camping Kit Review
Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Nancy Einhart

I enjoy camping, and I love music, so Bonnaroo is one of my favorite music festivals of the year. But car camping loses some of its charm when you're pitching a tent outside of a rental car in a giant field with no shade alongside 65,000 other people. So when I learned that GMC sells specially designed tents and air mattresses that allow you to camp in a pickup truck bed, I decided this was the year to upgrade my car camping experience.

For the past two years, my friend Faith and I have flown to Nashville, rented a compact car, and packed our most minimal camping gear: one-person tents, Thermarests, and headlamps. We buy a cheap cooler bag on the way to the festival, but the ice melts within a few hours; our compact car becomes a disorganized headquarters for our clothes, beauty products, and snacks. While our love for the festival has grown over the years, our tolerance for minimalist camping in the Tennessee heat has diminished with age.

This year — our third time at Bonnaroo — we decided to go all out, with a GMC Sierra Denali 2500 Crew Cab pickup truck and camping kit, complete with a tent and an air mattress. The experience felt like moving from a dorm room into a mansion. Read on to see our #tentlife adventure.

The vehicle, air mattress, and tent were provided for the author by GMC for the purpose of writing this story.

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