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Gadgets That Are a Waste of Money

10 Gadgets You Should Skip

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Gadgets are supposed to make our lives easier. Take smartphones, for example, which have given us countless applications and the ability to do just about anything on the go. And then there are the gadgets that are either pointless, or on its way to becoming obsolete. Here are 10. First up:

Expensive Headphones

You don't need studio-quality headphones unless you're a record producer, and online reviews of expensive headphones have shown that a lot of people can't tell a lot of difference between a $50 pair and a $200 pair. I own a pair of headphones that I use at work that cost less than $30, and have done an excellent job of blocking out noise when I'm trying to focus.

Popcorn maker

Why spend $30 or more on an electric popcorn maker when a microwavable bag does the trick? Unless you're pumping out popcorn like a movie theater, this kitchen gadget is just taking up space in your cupboard.


Digital Camera

Once upon a time, digital cameras were powerful enough to make Kodak film a thing of the past. Now, everyone has high quality camera options on their smartphones, and digital cameras are becoming obsolete. If you really want to take great photos, a digital SLR is the way to go, but for everyday photo-taking, your phone will do just fine.

High tech toys

Do you or your child really need a $450 robotic dinosaur walking around your house bumping into things? Didn't think so.

Read on for more gadgets you should skip.


Are you ready for one of the most pointless gadgets to have ever come into existence? Ta-da: TwitterPeek, a mobile device that does nothing but give you access to Twitter — for $200. You can already tweet using your phone or simply at your desktop or laptop computer, so you don't need this $200 paperweight.


You don't need a $7,000 "transporter" to get you around. You could get a decent used car for $7,000. Most people don't take the time to exercise on a daily basis, so any walking they do is healthy. A transporter like the Segway makes you less active, plus it makes you look a little silly.

Shake Weight

Speaking of silly: the Shake Weight. You can get much a better workout by simply doing pushups, and burn more calories simply by walking, according to the Consumer Reports lab.


It's a jacket! It's a tent! It's a sleeping bag! And it's $250! Unfortunately, it's not a really good product, according to Wired magazine, which tested it out in the great outdoors. Things that try to do too many things are often mediocre — it's much better to take your money and buy a really good jacket, or a really good tent.

Shower radio

Have you ever tried having a conversation with someone while in the shower? You find yourselves yelling because nobody can hear each other. It's much better to take your shower and then turn on the radio while you're getting dressed.

Slap Chop

"Horrible." "Rickety piece of garbage." "Should be called slap sucks." As you can tell, the reviews aren't so great. Just use a chef's knife.

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