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Gas Prices Around the World

Wait, So Gas Prices in the US Aren't Actually That Bad?

A survey of gas prices collected the numbers from gas pumps in 155 countries and placed the US as number 111, meaning prices are 45th cheapest out of the countries surveyed. The reason prices in the US have been comparably low is that taxes on gas have been kept to a relative minimum when measured to international standards. Some experts say that Americans are extra sensitive to hikes in gas prices because we've been spoiled by cheap gas in the past, and feel any increases more acutely than countries who are used to being taxed more. The cheapest gas is found in fuel-producing countries.

The research firm that ran the survey didn't account for different exchange rates or other factors like varied salaries among different countries, and because oil is priced in dollars those with stronger currencies aren't feeling as much pain at the pump. To see what drivers in the most expensive places to buy gas are paying to fill up just

According to CNN Money, these are the most expensive places to buy gas.

    Rank Country Price/gal
    1 Sierra Leone $18.42
    2 Aruba $12.03
    3 Bosnia-Herzegovina $10.86
    4 Eritrea $9.58
    5 Norway $8.73
    6 United Kingdom $8.38
    7 Netherlands $8.37
    8 Monaco $8.31
    9 Iceland $8.28
    10 Belgium $8.22
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