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Six Actions That Won't Help You Save on Gas

There's no question that Americans have been obsessed with gas lately, and with the majority of you spending between $100 and $200 a month (and a quarter of you spending more than $200) it's no wonder that gas is on the tip of everyone's tongues. We've explored various gas saving methods that will supposedly help save some money at the pump, but with everyone claiming they have the key to spending less on gas CNN Money felt like it was time to clear up some common myths. Do you believe these are misconceptions, or do you think any of these actually do work?

  1. Fill your tank in the morning: Consumer Reports says the temperature of gasoline as it comes out of the nozzle varies little during the course of the day, so getting up early to pump gas will yield negligible results.
  2. Change your air filter: Maintaining your car is important, but a clean air filter isn't going to save you any gas.

There are four more myths so just


  1. Use premium fuel: You're not getting better fuel economy with premium fuel, and are really just paying more money for nothing.
  2. Pump up your tires: It's true that under-inflated tires reduce fuel economy, but over-inflation reduces friction and adds the risk of crashing your car.
  3. To A/C or not A/C: In around-town driving, using the A/C will drop fuel economy by about a mile a gallon. The best choice - if temperature and humidity allow - is to keep the windows rolled up and to turn the A/C compressor off.
  4. Bolt-ons and pour-ins: If there really was an additive that made gas burn up more slowly, it wouldn't be sold over the Internet one bottle at a time.

Ultimately, your driving habits and what kind of car you drive are the two elements that could surely help you save on gas.


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